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Banner Announcement: Cyber Security and older people “…vulnerability to misleading information, outright deception and fraud in older adults is the specific result of a deficit in the doubt process…” (Source: Why Are Elderly Duped? Area in Brain Where Doubt Arises Changes With Age). 20-24 May is Australia’s National Cyber Security Awareness Week. Read and share with your friends these top ten tips and associated information to help you to safeguard your personal and financial information.


Links to brief, readable research summaries, published in the last 30 days, that may help to improve your quality-of-life

**Cognitive Fitness GEMs

o Clinical Trial Finds Improvement in Cognitive Function, but No Difference Between Groups After Physical, Mental Activity in Older Adults


 **Exercise GEMS

o Walking Can Lower Risk of Heart-Related Conditions as Much as Running


 **Diet GEMS

o New Link Between Heart Disease and Red Meat: New Understanding of Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Vegan, Vegetarian Diets
o Following a Western Style Diet May Lead to Greater Risk of Premature Death

o Reducing Salt and Increasing Potassium Will Have Major Global Health Benefits

o Cholesterol Increases Risk of Alzheimer's and Heart Disease

o Nothing Fishy About It: Fish Oil Can Boost the Immune System

o Eating More Fiber May Lower Risk of First-Time Stroke

o Impact of Portion Size On Overeating Is Hard to Overcome

o Drinking One 12-Ounce Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink a Day Can Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 22 Percent, Study Suggests

o Intermittent Fasting May Help Those With Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease, Study Suggests


 **General GEMS

o No Evidence Drugs, Vitamins, Supplements Help Prevent Cognitive Decline in Healthy Older Adults

o England's Smoking Ban Linked to Annual 5 Percent Drop in Emergency Admissions for Asthma

o Even a Few Cigarettes a Day Increases Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis


 **Published this month, not peer-reviewed

o New Evidence That Natural Substances in Green Coffee Beans Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

o Nonsurgical Treatment Turns Back the Clock, Shrinks Enlarged Prostate 

o Training the Brain to Improve On New Tasks 

o High Levels of Lead Detected in Rice Imported from Certain Countries

o More Evidence Berries Have Health-Promoting Properties



o “ Dad's been in near-panic over the impending demise of his XP system” says a Rankin reader. Read Switching to Windows 8 Made Easier and help others over the Win 8 hurdle.

o There's Just No Need to Hate Windows 8. Running Windows 8 with Classic Shell is pretty darned close to running Windows 7. Ask Leo’s straight forward, non technical advice about how your family/friends can quickly adapt to Windows 8.  

o Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older adults, but there are ways to protect your hearing.  

o Shingles prevention: A Vaccine for Adults 60 and Older
o Eating well as I get older. Which kinds of fat should I limit?

o Managing your diabetes.
o Revealing the Scientific Secrets of Why People Can't Stop After Eating One Potato Chip



o For all the Sudoku fans free puzzles ranging from easy to evil (ty Gizmo’s best freeware) 

o Someone should tell this girl that this can't be done (ty Phil McBride, Australia)
o A few months ago we featured a link to the first sub $300 3D printer. Here’s a few images of things home users have made with their printer

o Topical. The country’s in the very best of hands (ty Don Rae, New Zealand)

o Mime artist (ty Lee Australia)



o Thanks Ask Leo for the following 2 GEMs
  ** Replacing An Old Hard Disk With a Solid State Drive (SSD)  
  ** With Window Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8, the operating system is available in two different "flavors:" 32-bit and 64-bit. I'll look at why you'll want one over the other and how to tell which one you already have.
o Thanks Bob Rankin for the following 4 GEMs (scroll down Bob’s articles for readers’ comments)

  ** Windows XP. The end is nigh. Next April, Microsoft support for XP concludes. Here are some great hints to help with your future planning, including tutorials on upgrading to Windows 7 or 8. Don’t forget the readers’ comments.
   ** “… my Dad has been expressing near-panic over the impending demise of his XP system” says one Rankin reader. Read Switching to Windows 8 Made Easier and help others over the Win 8 hurdle.
  ** Extra Security: Windows Defender Offline
  ** Is it a good idea to run more than one anti-virus program? If not, which anti-virus has the best protection against viruses, spyware, and other online threats?

o Bing delivers five times as many malware websites as Google, according to an 18-month study by AV-Test. Google was rated as the safest search engine, returning only 272 malicious results out of 10 million studied.
o Can I still buy Windows 7? (Thanks Data Doctors)

o If you need a web-based document conversion utility (Word to PDF, say), and if you want to share a file with someone that's too large for your email account to accept then Store, Send and Convert Documents With This Great Free Service (Thanks Gizmo’s Best Freeware)


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