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Your choices: Your quality-of-life. Links to brief, readable research summaries, published in the last 30 days, that may help to improve your quality-of-life (NB If you read only the first and last paragraphs of each research report you'll normally get the key take-away message.)

** Could sugar be responsible for the obesity and diabetes epidemics?


**Cognitive Fitness GEMs

o * Aerobic exercise may mildly delay, slightly improve Alzheimer's symptoms

o * MIND diet may slow cognitive decline in stroke survivors



 **Exercise GEMS

Light activity measured with fitness tracker linked to lower mortality in older women

Everyday exercise has surprisingly positive health benefits



 **Diet GEMS

o * Dietary fiber protects against obesity and metabolic syndrome, study finds

A more complete Mediterranean diet may protect against aggressive prostate cancer

Mediterranean diet may help protect older adults from becoming frail

Curcumin improves memory and mood

Choose Omega-3s from fish over flax for cancer prevention, study finds




o ** [Ed: Who do you trust when you're installing (say) Skype, Chrome, Firefox, or dozens of other free apps that make your internet life more comfortable? You often go to the "genuine" site and are faced with a plethora of worrying options and somehow, exactly what you don't want is downloaded with who knows what else tagging along. Ninite is probably your safest answer and it may pay to add a link on your desktop as a reminder of where to start if you want to install/update dozens of very useful freeware programs. Here are a couple of references to Ninite. “ frees up your day” The Christian Science Monitor; "...Ninite works exactly as advertised.” Lifehacker.] Thanks Gizmo's best freeware. 

o * Scambusters reports on a new scam called smishing that sends you sms (text) messages on your phone. A typical smishing message says "IRS Notice: Tax Return File Overdue! Click here to enter your information to prevent being prosecuted."




One of Dave Allen's best comedy sketches

Flying anywhere soon? This Monty Python sketch will give great comfort

More comfort for passengers with Dean Martin, Ken Lane & Foster Brooks: The Bar/Airline Pilot

Two Ronnies four candles




o Thanks Bob Rankin for the following GEMs (scroll down Bob’s articles for reader comments)

  - [SCAM ALERT] Is TotalAV a Total SCAM?

  - [ALERT] Fake Tech Support Scammers Are Calling


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