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Links to brief, readable research summaries, published in the last 30 days, that may help to improve your quality-of-life

o ** Of 600,000 food items in the American grocery store 80 percent have been spiked with added sugar.Take a few minutes to read about the food industry con that’s wrecking world health

**Cognitive Fitness GEMs



 **Exercise GEMS


 **Diet GEMS

o Hot Chocolate May Help Keep Brain Healthy

o Eating a Big Breakfast Fights Obesity and Disease

o Coffee and Tea May Contribute to a Healthy Liver

o Consuming a High-Quality Diet Is Associated With Lower Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

o Higher Intake of Fruits and Vegetables May Reduce the Risk of Bladder Cancer in Women


 **General GEMS

o Go on, volunteer -- it could be good for you!
o New Drugs to Find the Right Target to Fight Alzheimer's Disease

o US Depression Treatment Demonstrated Effective for UK
o Copper Identified as Culprit in Alzheimer's Disease (**Ed: It’s also an essential trace element so beware of scaremongering.)



o Make a note  of this site for future computer problems. BleepingComputer is a free community where people like you come together to discuss and learn how to use their computers in an atmosphere that is both helpful and welcoming. 160,000 registered members asking and answering questions (ty Phil McBride, Australia)

o What Is a Cataract, how is it treated and who’s most at risk?
o Exercise May Be the Best Medicine for Alzheimer's Disease

o Dummies guide to an enlarged prostate (ty YourLifeChoices)
o ** Of 600,000 food items in the American grocery store 80 percent have been spiked with added sugar.Take a few minutes to read about the food industry con that’s wrecking world health



o A lovely example of resonance (ty CJ Cooke, Australia)

o A 5 minute encapsulation of current understanding (or lack of) about the universe and beginning of time (ty Maggie Hamblin, Australia)

o AAADD: Know the symptoms (ty Phil McBride, Australia)

o Try this with your new car (ty David Wilson, Australia)  

o Videojug offers thousands of professional grade how-to videos covering just about everything whether you want to learn something new, brush up on your skills, or spend a little time watching good how-to videos (ty Gizmos Best Freeware)



o How to remove a trojan, virus, worm or malware. (Ed. This from Bleeping Computer as a sample of the type of information available (ty Phil McBride, Australia)) 

o Thanks Ask Leo for the following 2 GEMs

  * Internet safety: 8 steps to keeping your computer safe on the internet

  * How do I remove a virus if it prevents me from downloading or installing anything?

o Thanks Gizmos Best Freeware for the following GEM

  * An easy quick way to Reduce The Size Of Image Files for sending

o Thanks Bob Rankin for the following 3 GEMs (scroll down Bob’s articles for reader comments)

  * Time to Replace Your Power Supply? (Ed. You should read readers’ comments *before* you try this!)

  * "My computer sometimes shuts down at random times.” Overheating: Enemy Number One
  * Eight Free Cloud Services You Should Know About


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