Motivation Factor Newsletter | May 2015

How Team Analysis helped a struggling department

“…in short, this department was stressed, strained and demotivated” 

Recently, a Boston area college asked Motivation Factor Certified Partner AllOne Health to help a struggling department better connect, communicate and collaborate.  The department had experienced significant upheaval with a change in two levels of leadership.  Additionally, they had been tasked, by the college president, with an unreachable goal.   In short, this department was stressed, strained and demotivated.
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The Motivation Factor Team Analysis is for leaders who want to boost team motivation and is available either as a full-package event or as a one-day “Train the Trainer” program.

One day is all you need! In only one day you can bring team motivation into focus, identify pain points and take action. At the end of the day you’ll have a practical plan to improve and maintain motivation for greater success.

Motivation Factor Certification in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam | NL -  August 24th - 26th 2015 
This intensive 3 days certification will take you through the Motivation Factor methodology, assessment tool, workshops and best practice.
The certification will prepare you to kick-start Motivation Factor, either as a part of your business or as an individual, team and organizational management tool.

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Certification, Amsterdam - August 24th – 26th 2015 

New Certified Motivation Factor Practitioners

we welcome 5 new Practioners to the international Motivation Factor team.

From Boston | MA:
Back from left:
Front from left: The new practitioners are all highly qualified and experienced coaches, and have completed the 3 day Motivation Factor certification in March 2015.

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University of Lausanne choose Motivation Factor

The University of Lausanne has chosen to incorporate the Motivation Factor Navigator workshop as part of the EMBA program. In one day the EMBA’s work on defining their own individual Hierarchy of Motivation so they become aware about what to persue and what to avoid to stay highly motivated in any context.

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Read more about University of Lausanne, EMBA here

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