Motivation Factor Newsletter | January 2015

Men will be heard; women will be appreciated it that simple?

No not quite, but recent studies have once again shown significant differences in the needs of women and men – among other findings.

The research is based on anonymized data from 4,600 assessments completed in Europe using the Motivation Factor Pin Pointer . The comprehensive study uncovered or confirmed many interesting discoveries but for now let us focus on the differences in needs, bearing in mind that motivation factors (needs and talents) are both individual and situational.

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Motivation Factor Certification in Boston

In Central Boston | MA - March 10th â€“ 12th 2015 
This intensive 3 days certification will take you through the Motivation Factor methodology, assessment tool, workshops and best practice.
The certification will prepare you to kick-start Motivation Factor, either as a part of your business or as an individual, team and organizational management tool.

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Certification, Boston - March 10th â€“ 12th 2015 

Free Motivation Factor Pin Pointer Light

Careerbuilder Sweden is now offering the Pin Pointer Light as a free motivation assessment to the job-site's 200.000 weekly unique users.
As a user you will receive your top-2 Needs and Talents - and your personal Need and Talent-clouds providing a graphical representations of words relating to your needs and talents.

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New Certified Motivation Factor Practitioners

we welcome 4 new Practioners to the international Motivation Factor team.

From Switzerland:
  • Brenda Steinberg
  • Frédérique Deschamps
  • Jean-Stéphane Szijarto
  • Paul Vanderbroeck
The 4 new practitioners are all highly qualified and experienced coaches, and have completed the 3 day Motivation Factor certification in January 2015.

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Motivation Factor Team Analysis

The Motivation Factor Team Analysis is for leaders who want to boost team motivation and is available either as a full-package event or as a one-day “Train the Trainer” program.

One day is all you need! In only one day you can bring team motivation into focus, identify pain points and take action. At the end of the day you’ll have a practical plan to improve and maintain motivation for greater success.

Keep it simple! We offer a hands-on, practical solution – free of complicated theories and typoligies.

Small investment! Because the analysis is automated and because we can deliver the results and customized workshops in only one day, we can offer the Full Package Event at a very competitive Price.

Learn more about Team Analysis

Free Motivation Seminar in Stockholm

Capacitet is a part of Wise Group, and Motivation Factor Partner in Sweden.

The goals are set
but why is nothing happening?
One of the biggest management challenges is how we will achieve the strategic goals we have set. Most often, the objectives should be achieved by a manager through his/ her employees, which can be a major challenge.
The main key to "make others do what’s needed to implement the strategy" is motivation. Research show a clear connection between the level of engagement and the company's ability to perform.

When:    Febuary 5th 2015 - 8:30
Sveavägen 13, 2A, 15 | Stockholm

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