Motivation Factor Newsletter | November 2015

Only 1/3 of employees are highly motivated*) - how about yours?

New! Survey Plusâ„¢ provides in-depth insight into a team’s or organization’s ability to get and stay motivated.

Survey Plus is a management tool, enabling you to messure and monitor the level of motivation in your entire organization. With Survey Plus you get actionable insights about:

  • Primary motivational drivers (Needs and Talents)
  • Intrinsic Motivation score (how intrinsically motivated are you or the team?)
  • Motivation Capability score (how well can you or the team motivate yourselves?)
  • Strategic Connection (how well do you or the team relate to the overall objectives?)
  • Culture and Vaules - add up to 5 culture and values questions of your own choise.
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*) Source: Gallup Inc.

End-to-end! From survey to to-do-points

Consistent perception about motivation - from top-management to employees

Survey Plus is not only a Motivation Survey. The Survey Plus methodology includes a series of Plug'n Play Workshops based on the result of your team or organization.
One day is all you need! Are you a HR or OD-professional? Join the 1-day certification and learn to facilitate training and Development workshops based on the results from your Survey Plus.

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Read more about Survey Plus 1-day certification

Survey Plus is individual, team and organizational motivation meassurement - in one tool

When you meassure the level of motivation in your organization with Survey Plus, the individual employee will receive his or hers personal result.

You can use the individual results for performance interviews, coaching and as a management and dialogue tool.
Survey Plus also provides team results, enabling you to monitor the correlation between team performance and motivation.

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Survey Plus is powered by OrganiGridâ„¢

OrganiGrid is a ground-breaking, enabling you to define, structure and change your organization on-the-fly, online dynamic organizational structure - designed and developed by Motivation Factor.
With OrganiGrid you can:
  • Change the organizational structure on the fly, befor, during and after the survey
  • Download and print a result report for each team
  • Consolidate the result from 2-3-4-10 teams to see the aggregate results. For example, see results for 4 teams with the same manager or 3 teams in the same department
  • Choose “All Teams” and download and print the result report for the entire organization
..or imagine you are considering a new project team. With OrganiGrid you can simulate the team, and explore the new teams needs, talents and level of motivation.

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Free trail?

Are you considering focus on Motivation in your team or organization? We offer you a free trail, for either individuals or a team.

Contact us to learn more about our free trail option.

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