Motivation Factor Newsletter | October 2013

Motivation Factor Pin Pointer - updated version!

Motivation Factor Pin Pointer has been live for 40 days, and everything has been working nice and smooth from the very first assessment was completed on August 20th.
We’ve received lots of positive feedback, but also great ideas to improve the Pin Pointer PDF Report and the Pin Pointer Web. As a result, we decided to release following improvements:
The Report:

  • Executive result summary on page 3
  • New model explaining how high and low scores can influent your motivation
  • Heatmaps showing your score on Motivation Capability and Intrinsic Motivation. Your personal score is benchmarked against the aggregate results of all those who completed Motivation Factor Pin Pointer to date. 
The Web:
  • The result summary is now included dynamic heatmaps showing your score on Motivation Capability and Intrinsic Motivation
Read more about Motivation Factor Pin Pointer here..
Download example (PDF) of the updated report here..
Free Pin Pointer Login? You can still make it!
If you missed the opportunity to try the Motivation Factor Pin Pointer assessment for free, it is not to late. Click here to request your personal free login.

Motivation Factor Certification in Copenhagen

6 - 8 January 2014 in Copenhagen
This intensive 3 days certification will take you through the Motivation Factor Methodology, assessment tool, workshops and best practice.
The certification will prepare you to kick-start Motivation Factor, either as a part of your business or as a valuable management tool in your team, department and company.
See the full program!

NEW! Team Analysis Event

Motivation Factor Team Analysis Event is for the manager or team leader, who will focus on motivation.

All team members complete the Pin Pointer assessment, and will immediately receive the personal Pin Pointer report. The teams consolidated data will be processed, analyzed, benchmarked and presented – first for the management, second for the team.


  • We analyze the level of motivation in the team
  • We identify the significant needs and talents, and we find the low and high scores in the group
  • We present the result to the management and the team
The event can be used as a kick off, a pep-talk or just to learn more about what drives us, and substantiate the managers focus on motivation and engagement.

Read more about the Team Analysis Event

Wise Consulting

New Motivation Factor partner in Denmark and Sweden

From November 1st 2013 Motivation Factors methodology, assessments and programs will be included in Wise Consulting's offering in Denmark and Sweden. Soon a number of Wise consultants are certified Motivation Factor Practitioners, ready to help companies and organizations identify, develop and maintain the motivation of management and employees.
As the leading HR consulting company in Sweden, Wise Consulting has three offices in Sweden. Wise established an office in Denmark (Copenhagen) earlier this year.

The business concept: 
"Wise Consulting is a business partner in HR Consulting and Leadership and Employee Development for customers who have high ambitions for their business and thus their employees."

Read more about Wise Consulting

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