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World Premier | Team Motivation

The Motivation Factor Team Analysis is for leaders who want to boost team motivation and is available either as a full-package event or as a one-day “Train the Trainer” program.

One day is all you need! In only one day you can bring team motivation into focus, identify pain points and take action. At the end of the day you’ll have a practical plan to improve and maintain motivation for greater success.

Keep it simple! We offer a hands-on, practical solution – free of complicated theories and typoligies.

Small investment! Because the analysis is automated and because we can deliver the results and customized workshops in only one day, we can offer the Full Package Event at a very competitive Price.
The Team Analysis report includes the team’s…

  • Significant Needs
  • Significant Talents
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Motivation Capability
  • Strategic Connection
  • High Scoring Questions
  • Low Scoring Questions
...and seven Unique workshops facilitated and based on the Team Analysis result.

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Team Analysis Dashboard
 - Dynamically updated results are available in an advanced dashboard. The “Team Analysis Owner” (a Certified MF Practitioner or a Train the Trainer Certified user) can always log into the dashboard to study the results and add team members.

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Book launch, The Motivated Brain

Recently Helle Bundgaard presented The Motivated Brain at a reception at Symbion Science Park in Copenhagen, DK.
October 28th and 29th The Motivated Brain will be presented in Boston, MA and Framingham, MA, when Workforce Efficacy | IDG Research Services invite to a Book Signing and Networking event. Register, Framingham or Boston

Meet Motivation Factor at the annual Management Conference in Copenhagen

October 3rd Motivation Factor is exhibiting and presenting at the Management Conference: Ledelse der Styrker in Copenhagen. Meet us in our booth, and join one of the presentations.

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Paperback or Kindle Edition?

In coorporation with Jefferson Roy, Neuroscientist, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT, Helle Bundgaard, Partner and Founder of Motivation Factor Institute has written the missing book about the connection between motivation and brain science. Now available on and

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