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Motivation Factor & JobEdu helps young people to finish their education

"Before I tell you about a young man, who had such a hard time finding motivation and direction, in a short modern version of the ugly duckling, I will share a serious challenge we have here in Denmark. It’s called the big motivation crisis ..."

A few years ago, scientist from the universities’ institutes of education and youth in Denmark, talked about a motivation crisis. Now they address it “the big motivation crisis” because of the huge number of drop outs from the education system.

"Actually it’s not rarely that the same young man or woman drops out from an education 3-5 times..."

It’s a challenge for the education system, and for each individual young man or woman it has human consequences. The failure they obviously feel when they don’t manage to accomplish the education, hit their self confidence in general and specifically their confidence in their capabilities to learn. Dropping out is not an experience that makes them stronger and therefore it often happens that they also drop out on the next education they start on. Actually it’s not rarely that the same young man or woman drops out from an education 3-5 times. They give up or the educational institution gives up on them. Some of them end up never to get an education and their working life seems more unsecure and unsatisfying.

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The author of this article Lene Værge is a Motivation Factor Certified Practioner and a Strategic Partner. For more information about JobEdu and Lene Værge, please contact Lene Værge, or click here.

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