Tuesday, March 26, 2013 
Soon, You'll Never Have to Part with Your Kindle on a Plane

The FAA is oh-so-close to allowing the use of e-readers during takeoff and landing.

Yet there will always be a four-minute period when our devices should be powered down.

To find out what it is AND to learn more about the FAA's rule change...

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Today's News You Can Use 

1. Gay Marriage

Supreme Court takes first ever look at the issue (NBC)

2. Google+ Update

Now you can use a gif as your profile pic (CNET)

3. Infant Nutrition

Study: Many babies start solid food too soon (CBS)

4. Uber Upgrades

Car service adds apps for Android/Windows/BB (VB)

5. 'Clarissa' Comeback

The popular 90s show as a book? Believe it (EW)

Can you guess this person?

This influential Republican strategist recently said he 'could' imagine a 2016 GOP candidate in favor of gay marriage.

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that Will Portman, son of Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), is telling the story about coming out to his parents?

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