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Wonderful article by J.L. Kimmel,
author of The Magic Gown and The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle

It has been two and half years since I helped save a stranger's life...

It was wintertime and holiday season in New Jersey. In a beautiful holiday specialty market, in the midst of a bustling crowd, I was having a children’s book signing event for my book, The Magic Gown. Children could color their own world behind the magic doorway in the tree while they waited to see Santa Claus.

I had my remarkable assistant, ten year old Emma, with me for the event. She was dressed in a one of kind, handmade, couture costume as Nizella the Fairy Queen fromThe Magic Gown. Emma had ventured through the loud, crowded room, to retrieve some hot chocolate for us.

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A few minutes later I heard her voice calling for me but I could not see her through the red, white, and pink poinsettias, lights, and displays that filled the room.

“Janine, Janine! A woman is on the floor! She fell!”

I tried in vain to see her across the room.

Someone from the crowd yelled out, “Is there a doctor?” I ran to find a woman collapsed on the floor.

The woman looked to be mid thirty. My medical instincts took over and, in a matter of seconds, I had taken note of her various symptoms. Her color was bad -- pale, mottled, almost bluing. No apparent sign of breathing. I checked for a pulse at her wrist, then neck, and found none.

The fragility and amazement of life flashed through my mind -- the woman looked too young and healthy for this. And now here we were. The paths of two strangers had converged into one as I tried to save a life suddenly and inexplicably in danger.

After confirming that an ambulance had been called, I began to do CPR.I blew the staircase breaths into her and compressed her chest. More breaths…more compression. A man next to me asked if he could help so I tasked him with administering the compressions while I breathed for her.

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