November 2019
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Hello from your EarthCube Office
Congratulations to Newly Awarded Projects!
Council of Funded Projects
EarthCube Office "On the Road"

EC 2020 - Save the Date: June 2-4
Nominations for LC Chair
Upcoming Events

Hello from your EarthCube Office


As of November 1, 2019, the new EarthCube Office (ECO) is responsible for serving the people, governance, and projects of the EarthCube community. We believe in EarthCube's mission, and are grateful for this opportunity. We sincerely thank the outgoing Science Support Office for their thoughtful stewardship of EarthCube over the last three and a half years, and for their cooperation during the transition period.

Meet Our Whole Team

By way of introduction, here are some thoughts from ECO's leadership.

Christine Kirkpatrick, ECO Principal Investigator and Director, Research Data Services division, San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California San Diego:

“The EarthCube Office, or ECO, will build on the foundational work accomplished by the previous offices while expanding EarthCube’s reach across geosciences disciplines. Our team is proud to be part of this initiative that NSF has nurtured.

“Our team looks forward to working with the geosciences community to deliver programmatic support and resources that are responsive to community needs.  We will support EarthCube’s tradition of strong, community governance, clear strategic priorities, and ensure the office is outcome and action-oriented.”

Read more in the full Press Release
For a glimpse at our new office, see

The whole ECO team looks forward to working with the people, projects, and communities of EarthCube!

Congratulations to Newly Awarded Projects!


     11 New Awards
     25 PIs
     21 Co-PIs

New Core Projects by the Numbers:

  • 9 Data Capabilities (GIS, Jupyter, reproducibility, mapping, machine learning, workflows, annotations, and more FOR microfossils, geospace, solar eruptions, climate science, stratigraphy, oceanic, atmospheric)
  • 1 RCN (model data)
  • 1 Office

As a result of the latest round of funding for awards responsive to the 2019 EarthCube solicitation, NSF has added 11 projects to the core EarthCube family, led by 25 PIs and 21 Co-PIs, (Why the "extra" PIs? Seven projects are formal collaborative efforts with 2-6 partner institutions and PIs.)

We look forward to learning more about each of these new projects and their teams! Read more here.

Council of Funded Projects





Calling for representatives of all active EarthCube projects!  

Join the newly formed Council of Funded Projects (CFP).  This working group enables projects to have a direct voice in EarthCube planning and implementation in the coming years. We expect lively discussions of geosciences data access, workflow support, component interoperability, standards and specifications, long-term sustainability of geoscience cyberInfrastructure, and more.  

The CFP is led by Basil Tikoff, and the next meeting, Nov. 14, will include: Discussions are brisk and practical. Join in!

EarthCube Office "On the Road"


It was great to share a booth with good partners at GSA, Geological Sciences of America 2019. Good sessions featured EC projects - and so many EarthCube members are doing innovative software, workflow, and data work even outside of EC projects. What a community!

Several EarthCube projects showcased their progress at SGCI, Science Gateways Community Institute - proceedings and videos are now online.

AGU 2019 is fast approaching: Dec 9-13. We're working hard to get ready!

Mark your calendar now for the EarthCube Town Hall, Monday night, Dec. 9, 6:15-7:15pm.

We know of 48 EarthCube sessions and presentations scheduled for AGU. Did we find yours?
Please check, then add your information. We want to support and promote your EarthCube work!

EC 2020 - Save the Date! June 2-4


It's not too early to mark your calendar!
Plan to meet in San Diego the first week in June 2020.


For details as they develop, watch this space:


Nominations for LC Chair

Nominations are due Dec. 1, 2019 for Leadership Council (LC) Chair and four Committee Co-Chairs.


Is it your turn to step up?
Run for something!



EarthCube is a community-led organization.

The Leadership Council (LC) Chair is the executive presence responsible for advancing EarthCube’s vision, mission, and strategic plan through open and inclusive governance. Specific emphasis of the LC Chair will be on promoting EarthCube products and services and helping the community understand what has been accomplished and how the pieces might fit together to advance science.

Committees and Teams that will nominate and elect new Co-Chairs are:

  • Engagement Team
  • Liaison Team
  • Technology & Architecture Committee
  • Science Committee

Timing for all positions:
December 1: nomination deadline
December 9-20: election period

Complete details on eligibility, nomination and election procedures

Upcoming Events

NSF Cloud Research 2019 Nov 11-12
AGU 2019 Dec 9-12

The EarthCube Calendar has additional listings:


Let us share your success with the community! 

Has your participation in EarthCube benefited your research or helped you meet a particular challenge? Email ECO so we can promote your success.

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