February 2020
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NSF EarthCube Solicitation 2020
Join EarthCube at OSM Feb 16-21

SGCI Opportunities

Committee Co-Chair Election Results
Upcoming Events

NSF EarthCube Solicitation 2020

Developing a Community-Driven Data and Knowledge Environment for the Earth Sciences


Spread the word! We all want great proposals submitted to NSF for building out EarthCube.

A new NSF EarthCube solicitation for proposals is out. See details in html or pdf. Stated deadlines and target dates are listed as March 12, 2020.

Projects being accepted for consideration include:

  • Science-Enabling Data Capabilities
  • Pilots
  • Research Coordination Networks (RCNs)
  • Supplements - for science adoption or data resource adoption - to integrate NSF-funded work with EarthCube.

Note that this solicitation appears designed by NSF for flexibility to meet the range of EarthCube's needs and ambitions. For example, the Supplements for integrating NSF-funded work with EarthCube are open to any currently active NSF-funded effort: an opportunity to bring into EarthCube specific integratable tools, partners, and repositories valuable for geoscience advances.

Find EarthCube-generated supporting materials referenced by NSF at our website:, including consensus priorities from the community's representative leadership council.

Find all NSF Geo-CI Opportunities here: Presentation slides from the Jan. 27 NSF webinar on the EarthCube solicitation will also be posted here when available.

Join EarthCube at the Ocean Science Meeting, Feb 16-21


OSM 2020 is in San Diego, Feb. 16-21, 2020.

At #OSM20, EarthCube's booth presence will be located at the Data FAIR Help Desk, booth #322. We're very happy to be collaborating with ESIP and AGU and their further partners in this effort. Look for friendly faces at the booth and the Town Halls! Here's what's happening.

The Data FAIR Help Desk at Booth #322 will be open on Tues-Thurs., Feb. 18-20, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm daily during the conference (and it's located near the center of the exhibit hall).

Thanks to these EarthCube toolmakers who will demo at the booth: Argovis, Ocean Protein Portal, Planet Microbe, EarthCube Resource Registry, Data Discovery Studio, SuAVE, CF-netCDF.

EarthCube folks are stepping up to helpt at the Data Help section of the booth as well: Council of Data Facility Members from repositories CCHDO, BCO-DMO, R2R, ESIP, PO.DAAC, and Unidata will consult and present. See Data Help Desk and Demo overview for a full overview - including Data FAIR Town Halls that were popular at AGU - and the booth schedule.

In OSM scientific sessions, work by and derived from several EarthCube projects will be featured, including Pangeo, Planet Microbe, SeaView, and other efforts. Look forward to it!

Follow the meeting on Twitter: @EarthCube @ESIPfed or search #OSM20  Please tag us @EarthCube so we can retweet your photos and messages from around the conference!

We have to show off the OSM version of "10 for 10" infographic handouts that were popular at AGU:
SGCI - Science Gateways Community Institute - Opportunities


Several EarthCube projects have benefited from the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI). SGCI is an NSF-funded entity that offers no-cost consultations to science platforms to help improve usability, marketing and outreach, cybersecurity, coding assistance, and more.

SGCI Webinar: Lessons Learned from SGCI's Usabiliity Consulting

Wednesday, February 12, at 1 pm Eastern/10 am Pacific
Presented by Paul Parsons, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University and SGCI Usability Consultant

Login at - find more webinar and login details here or in the EarthCube calendar.


2020 Gateway Focus Week Application Now Open

Gateway teams are invited to apply for a 2020 session of Gateway Focus Week! We'll help you build a sustainability plan that will bring your software or website project to the next level. The Science Gateways Community Institute. Sessions offered in 2020: 

  • June 1-5, Columbia University, New York, NY (apply by March 27)
  • Nov. 30-Dec. 4, San Diego Supercomputer Center, La Jolla, CA (apply by Sept. 25). We're encouraging relevant EarthCube projects to sign up for this session .
Gateway Focus Week is a five-day intensive workshop that has been carefully designed to benefit teams who want to ensure the sustainability of their gateway projects. Apply now!

During Focus Week, teams engage in hands-on activities that help them articulate the value of their work to key stakeholders. Participating teams produce a strong development, operations, and sustainability plan with a corresponding pitch deck that includes actionable goals. Participants have the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and challenges, and leave with a flexible toolkit that can be used as their projects continue to mature. Focus Week is subsidized by the National Science Foundation.

Learn more and apply here

Committee Co-Chair Election Results

Congratulations to our four new committee co-chairs - and thank you for serving!

Sincere thanks to our well-qualified candidates for volunteering to serve. Thanks also to every EarthCube member who voted. The Co-Chair 2-year terms commence immediately. In committee alphabetical order, your new Co-Chairs are:

Daniel Fuka
Engagement Team Co-Chair: Daniel Fuka, Research Scientist, Virginia Tech Univ.  "While the NSF is a world leader in data sharing, the vision and mission should continue to extend beyond borders, both political and between scientific domains, to help accelerate scientific discovery through building new communities. Indeed sharing,  improving access, and easing the work behind the analysis, visualization, and integration into community models of geoscience data is critical to accelerating scientific discovery."

Leslie HsuLiaison Team Co-Chair: Leslie Hsu, 2nd term; Coordinator, USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI),  "I would like to serve as the EarthCube Liaison Team co-chair in order to explore and build connections between EarthCube and other entities with interesting and potentially beneficial relationships to EarthCube and its members. This includes professional societies like the Geological Society of America and American Geophysical Union, and other organizations that provide seed funding for cyberinfrastructure projects, like the Earth Science Information Partners and the USGS Community for Data Integration. I would work to increase communication between the various groups and keep EarthCube informed of relevant reports, projects, meetings, and initiatives in order to avoid duplication and improve the EarthCube network."

D Sarah StampsScience Committee Co-Chair: D Sarah Stamps, Asst. Professor of Geophysics, Virginia Tech Univ. Dept. of Geosciences.  "The EarthCube Science Committee plays a key role in the advancement of EarthCube and its successful adoption by the broader geoscience community. At present, a wide range of EarthCube resources are available to the geoscience community. Connecting these resources to geoscientists is one of the main challenges facing the EarthCube community. If I am elected the Science Committee Co-Chair, my goal is to work the Science Committee Chair, the Science Committee, and other EarthCube Teams, Councils, and Committees to engage more geoscientists such that they will utilize EarthCube resources."

Donata GiglioTechnology and Architecture Committee Co-Chair: Donata Giglio, Asst. Professor, Univ. of Colorado Boulder, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences.  "Going forward I envision a unification of EC architecture with web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies where the data will live in the cloud and scientists can use their personal devices to interact, visualize and analyze this data live on the cloud. Towards such a goal, we will need a community-driven set of key architectural principles. This will help enable greater coherence and interoperability and foster broader interdisciplinary collaborations among scientists from different institutions across the country."

Warm congratulations again to each of our new committee Co-Chairs, with deep thanks for your commitment and contributions.

Read full Committee and Team Co-Chair candidate statements and professional details.

Sincere thanks to the outgoing Co-Chairs for their dedicated service during their terms -
Engagement: Mimi Tzeng; Science: Kristin Rasmussen; and Technology & Architecture: Ruth Duerr.

EarthCube membership is required to vote or hold office, and is free and open to anyone working in the geoscience and data science fields. We welcome you to register here.

The next round of elections will occur in June 2020 for Committee representatives to the Leadership Council.

Upcoming Events

SGCI Usability Webinar Feb 12

Let us share your success with the community! 

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