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EarthCube at AGU 2020

AGU 2020 EarthCube Highlights, Dec. 14-16

Session Highlights, Dec. 14-16

Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020 8:30-9:30 PSTOpen-Source Packages and FAIR Software
Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020 all day - Lessons Learned on Supporting Analysis Ready Data (ARD)

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AGU Data Help Desk

The Data Help Desk at AGU2020 (sponsored by EarthCube & supported by ESIP & AGU) will connect researchers with data experts to enhance research and make data and software more open and FAIR.

When: December 7-11 & 14-16, 2020 during #AGU20 Fall Meeting
Where: Online. Follow the #DataHelpDesk on twitter.
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EarthCube Presentation Highlights, Dec. 14-16


Monday, Dec. 14

04:30 - 04:33 PST  Building a spatially-explicit knowledge graph integrating health, pathogen and environmental data for COVID-19 analysis, Ilya Zaslavsky Abstract

10:06 - 10:12 PST  Cloud futures for CMIP data - evaluating object storage models and re-evaluating federation for data distribution, Philip Kershaw Abstract

10:23 - 10:27 PST  Advances in Magnetotelluric modelling and inversion with SimPEG, Lindsey Justine Heagy ​Abstract

11:50 - 11:53 PST  Extracting geologic data from text: a big data approach to the dolomite problem (Invited), Julia Wilcots ​Abstract

19:20 - 19:25 PST  Assimilative Mapping of Geospace Observations (AMGeO): Unified Global and Local Perspectives on High-latitude Ionospheric Electrodynamics, Tomoko Matsuo ​Abstract

All Day  MagIC Updates: New Compact File Format Supports XPEEM, SQUID Microscopy, and FORC Contributions; Successful Interoperability with EPOS, GFZ Data Services; Continuing Collaboration with EarthCube's GeoCODES and ESIP's cluster, Nicholas Jarboe Abstract

All Day  Plume-Lithosphere Interactions and Melt Generation Beneath the Rungwe Volcanic Province, East Africa, Emmanuel Atem Atem Njinju Abstract

All Day​  CMIP6 in the Cloud - Why?, Naomi Henderson Abstract

All Day  High-latitude Ionospheric Electrodynamics during STEVE Events, Valerie Claire Svaldi​ Abstract

Tuesday, Dec. 15

07:00 - 08:00 PST  Earth and Space Science Informatics and the AGU Community Town Hall (TH-087), Denise Hills, Jeff de La Beaujardière, Sarah Ramdeen Abstract

08:39 - 08:42 PST  Jupyter Notebooks as a tool to increase Visibility of EarthCube Products, Kenton McHenry ​Abstract

Wednesday, Dec. 16

07:04 - 07:08 PST  Developing a Common Cloud Platform for Geophysical Data Services, Chad Trabant ​Abstract

08:50 - 08:54 PST  Seamless Access to Long-Tail and Big Data in Earth and Space Science via the EarthCube Brokering Cyberinfrastructure BALTO, D. Sarah Stamps Abstract

All Day  Pangeo-Forge: Crowdsourcing Analysis-Ready, Cloud Optimized Data, Ryan P. Abernathey Abstract

All Day  Using TileDB and Pangeo to Provide Access to Thousands of NetCDF Files as Analysis-Ready Data, Peter Killick Abstract

All Day  Sentinel-2 Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFF Public Dataset, Matthew Hanson Abstract

All Day  Modeling Equatorial Magnetic Perturbation Using the 3D Electrodynamo model: A case study in March 2009, Chuan-Ping Lien Abstract

See the full EarthCube program.
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