April 2019
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Vote for Committee Positions
Register for the ECAM
AM Abstracts & Travel Grants
Opportunity with NASA's FDL
NEW Legacy Award
Service & Leadership Awards
Data Discovery Science Competition
NSF Geoinformatics Project Proposals
EC In The News
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One Week Left to Vote for Committee Positions 


If you have not already voted make sure to submit your ballot by Friday, April 5th.


Six new EC committee members will be elected for the new term:
  • Liaison Team Chair
  • Two at-large positions on the Leadership Council
  • Three new members of the Nominations Committee 
All members of the EarthCube Community should have received an Election Runner ballot via email last week. The winners will be announced here. New elected members will begin their term on June 1st in time for the Annual Meeting. 

Reserve your spot for the 2019 EarthCube Annual Meeting in Denver


EarthCube is gearing up for a great Annual Meeting in Denver this year at the Hilton Denver City Center. 

Reserve your spot for the Annual Meeting now for early bird prices. Click here for both conference registration and hotel booking. 

EarthCube Annual Meeting: Abstracts & Early Career Travel Grants - Due April 19


The 2019 EarthCube Annual Meeting will be held on June 12-14, 2019 in Denver, Colorado at the Hilton Denver City Center.

Call for Abstracts: 

Abstracts submissions for the 2019 ECAM are still being accepted. EarthCube welcomes project participants, new PIs, early career researchers and scientists, and all other interested parties to submit abstracts for oral presentations, breakout sessions and poster sessions
Abstracts are due April 19, 2019. Submit abstracts HERE.
For more details on the abstract submission process, visit the Call For Abstracts webpage.

If you have any questions contact Lynne Schreiber.

The Early Career Travel Grant provides reimbursement funds to individuals ($500) or underrepresented minorities ($1000) to present or discuss their EarthCube-related work at professional meetings, workshops or conferences held in the United States. The Early Career Travel Grant program is intended to promote EarthCube activities and work products and to cultivate the next generation of EarthCube participants. Apply for the Early Career Travel Grant to attend the 2019 ECAM by April 19

NASA's Frontier Development Lab is Looking for Researchers and Mentors

Be part of NASA's FDL Research Sprint

The SETI Institute hosts the NASA Frontier Development Lab. The FDL is an interdisciplinary research accelerator functioning to bring talented researchers in AI and domain specialist researchers at PhD and Post Doctorate levels together.
The FDL is looking for talented researchers with interest and capacity in multiple challenge areas for their 2019 research sprint. 

Places are open for both Researchers and Mentors, who receive a stipend and accommodation at NASA Ames in Silicon Valley for eight weeks, starting on the 24th of June and wrapping on August 16th. 

Examples of some potential challenge topics include:
  • Wildfire Prevention, Progress, and Response
  • Technosignature Detection
  • Expanding the Capabilities of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory
  • Planetary Defense 
  • Astronaut Health
...just to name a few! 

Read more here, but don't wait... apply now!

EarthCube wants to say 'Thank You' with NEW Legacy Award


The EarthCube Engagement Team is seeking nominations for the newly established EarthCube Legacy Award.

EarthCube is adding a new service award, and calling for your nominations.
Every year at the Annual Meeting, the Engagement Team (on behalf of the Leadership Council) gives out Community Service awards to recognize valued contributions toward EarthCube’s goals. The awards reward community engagement and promote early career participation in EarthCube. From 2015-2017, awardees were volunteer participants of EC Governance and in 2018, participants of Funded Projects were also included.

During the nomination process in recent years, it became clear that the EarthCube Program has been ongoing for long enough that there is now a desire to recognize community members who have been foundational to advancing and shaping EarthCube’s development. Therefore, for the 2019 EarthCube Annual Meeting, the Engagement Team introduces the EarthCube Legacy Award. While the Community Service Award is a way for EarthCube leadership to recognize outstanding community participants, the new Legacy Award will be a way for the community to recognize outstanding leaders who have made a significant and long term lasting impact on EarthCube.

Every EarthCube member is eligible for the EarthCube Legacy Award and any EarthCube member may nominate.  The open nomination period ends on April 19. To nominate a candidate, please submit a nomination packet to Lynne Schreiber and take a look at the award criteria


For more information, please refer to the complete announcement.

Submit Nominations for the Annual EarthCube Community Service & Leadership Award


The EarthCube Engagement Team is once again soliciting nominations for the annual Community Service & Leadership Award, which are given out each year at the EarthCube Annual Meeting.

The Award:
The purpose of the award is to recognize EarthCube members who have contributed significantly and measurably to advancing the goals of EarthCube, above and beyond their role within the program. Examples of contributions include identifying solutions for specific science or technical issues, providing leadership, or exhibiting communicative enthusiasm in forging a path forward in an area which impacts multiple domains. Many individuals contribute a significant amount of their time to EarthCube activities but are not officially recognized through named positions within the organization (i.e. with an elected position). The Community Service & Leadership Award is part of our effort to keep individuals engaged in the EarthCube process.

Nomination Details: 

Nominations are due April 19, 2019

Each nomination should include the nominee's name, institution, any special considerations (early career, academic background, etc.), and 1-2 paragraphs describing the individual's contributions to EarthCube. The individual must be a member of the EarthCube community (with a registered account on the EarthCube website), must not have held an elected position within Governance, and must not have received this award before.

Please send your nomination submissions to Lynne Schreiber <> by April 19, 2019. For more information, refer to the Call for Nominations

Data Discovery Science Competition

Come Find the Data You Need!

Join the Data Discovery Science Competition at 
Data Discovery Studio is built to help geoscientists find data. It hosts records for over 1.6 million datasets and resources from over 40 repositories, and continues to grow. Individuals, classes, and sci-tech teams can compete in two categories: 

(1) Build a shareable Collection of datasets from existing resources, and add new ones

(2) Modify existing Jupyter Notebooks or create your own to explore a data type of interest.

Find details at or jump in and start exploring at - enter by May 1, 2019.

Please share broadly! We built this NSF-funded gateway for you, want it to be useful. and welcome your feedback.

NSF Solicitation for Geoinformatics Project Proposals 



NSF wants to hear your Geoinformatics ideas.

They have created a new project solicitation and three new tracks of opportunities are now supported: the Catalytic Track, Facility Track, and Sustainability Track. 

For details, check NSF's official solicitation page. It is also available as a PDF. 

All proposals must be submitted by August 15th.

EarthCube in the News

The EarthCube Community has been working tirelessly in its endeavor to transform the way geoscience is performed - both as a social paradigm shift as well as developing the technological capabilities to support that. We've enjoyed a lot of great press lately, so check out our new EarthCube in the News page.

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EC Annual Meeting 6/12-6/14


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