October 21, 2019
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Upcoming Committee Meetings



  1. EC Leadership Council
  2. @EarthCube #Twitter News
  3. AGU Presentations - is yours on our list?
  4. Updating the EarthCube Tools Inventory

EC Leadership Council

Because there have been some expected transitions onto and off of the Leadership Council, we wanted to highlight current office holders. Feel free to contact them - they represent you!

@EarthCube #TwitterNews

If you use Twitter, please follow @EarthCube and EC projects of interest! If you're not active, you can see what's up without an account - visit Here is some of the recent news bouncing around EarthCube.

At conferences, Twitter has been a great way to intensify presence and extend virtual participation. EarthCube projects and people have recently been featured at GSA in Phoenix (where EC shared the GSA Geoinformatics & Data Science booth along with ESIP) , SGCI Gateways in San Diego, and OceanObs in Honolulu. Projects that participated in one or more of these include: CHORDS, Data Discovery Studio, IS-GEO, SeaView, Sparrow, and StraboSpot.

Through Twitter we learned about a recent paper on standardizing paleoclimate data that makes extensive use of work accomplished in the EC LinkedEarth project and includes multiple EC authors - see Eos spotlight and paper by Khider et al.

We joined last week's celebration of #EarthScienceWeek on Twitter. We honored #NationalFossilDay by describing EarthCube's run of paleogeoscience projects - read the compiled thread here. A project sequence is traced  from an end-user workshop (Paleogeoscience), to an RCN (C4P), to a a trio of simultaneous efforts - LinkedEarth, ELC API, and ePANDDA. Lessons learned informed a subsequent EC project, Throughput, and its approach and progress will be presented at an Open Data Science Conference in a few days.

Through Twitter we vicariously savored a bit of Pangeo's ambitious hackathon last week, spread over three different locations. Check out the range of projects people proposed to work on!

Exciting stuff! Please tag us @EarthCube so we can keep up with your Geo CI news and progress!

AGU Presentations


Is yours on the list? Help us promote your EarthCube work!

Quick reminder - please add EarthCube-related presentations and sessions at AGU Dec. 9-13 to the collection of AGU19 EarthCube entries. We're now up to 46 EC events! There's a second page for your recommendations outside of EC.
Please take a look  to make sure your presentations have been captured, and add preferred project abbreviations, twitter handles, and preferred URLs to call attention to your work. Let us offer you twitter support during the conference!

EarthCube has a booth near NSF this year. Please let know if you'd like to demo, volunteer for a bit. or have project materials you'd like to distribute there.

Updating the EarthCube Tools Inventory

We'd like to update the EarthCube Tools Inventory webpage before AGU, and need your help. If you have a tool here, please send updated info to If your tool is not on this page, please let us know! There are some great portals and tools funded in whole or part by NSF EarthCube not yet included, and we want to feature your work to the geosciences community!

Thanks to CyberConnector, EarthCollab, and ICEBERG for sending new info and updates for their tools!

Got News?

The EarthCube Monday Update is published every Monday. If you have news about or would be of interest to the EarthCube governance groups (Leadership Committee, Science Committee, Technology and Architecture Committee, Council of Data Facilities, Engagement Team, or Liaison Team) please email the ECO by Friday afternoon the week before.
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