November 12, 2019
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This week's Monday Update is arriving on Tuesday, as Veterans Day was celebrated on Monday.


Upcoming Committee Meetings



  1. Committee and Team Highlights
  2. Sustainability of Software & Other Products
  3. Nominations for LC Chair & Committee Co-Chairs

Committee and Team Highlights

Since most EarthCube committees, teams, and councils met last week, here are a few highlights:
  • Science (SC) - possible additions to resource document (more on data mgmt practices)
  • Engagement (ET) - joint Metrics working group (ET/LT/SC) has reviewed and selected a handful of practical, high-priority measurable parameters - at final draft (builds on prior work  by Goring and others).
  • Leadership (LC) - in-person mtg with EC Office Nov 20-21, San Diego
  • Technology and Architecture (TAC) - updates from resource registry and p419 projects
  • Liaison (LT) - Metrics discussion; work w SGCI to host usability webinar in Jan/Feb.; sustainability issues
  • Data Facilities (CDF) - increased demand for dataset curation by researchers publishing in journals; Assembly mtg in Jan.

Access all meeting links at the EarthCube Calendar.


Sustainability of Software & Other Products

Several discussion pathways in multiple groups have touched on the challenge of sustainability of software and other outputs of EarthCube. These resources may be of use.

1. Upcoming webinar: Conceptualizing a US Research Software Sustainability Institute - hosted by the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI) on Wed., Nov. 13, 2019, 1 pm ET / 10 am PT: . Login details and webinar archive.

2. Leslie Hsu shared a new paper: Measuring Sustainability of Seed-Funded Earth Science Informatics Projects. Leslie is coordinator for the USGS Community for Data Integration (CDI) as well as Liaison Team Co-Chair. The publication pulls together data about CDI-funded projects and their sustainability, taken as a facet of funded projects' success and long-term impact (also mentions EarthCube). Find the Hsu et al. 2019 publication in PLoS ONE,
3. The Research Data Alliance (RDA) does several things to promote and measure adoption of their working group outputs (thanks to Leslie for sharing):
4. Kenton McHenry (ECO) pointed to two reports he uses on product sustainability:
(1) Sustainable Economics for a Digital Planet: Ensuring Long-Term Access to Digital Information
(2) Business Models for Sustainable Research Data Repositories

5. Since RDA mentioned stories, please know that the EarthCube Office is poised to collect and feature similar science success stories related to use or engagement with EarthCube's software, tools, or other products. If you have a story to tell, please contact Ouida Meier, Thank you!

Nominations for LC Chair & Committee Co-Chairs

Nominations are due Dec. 1, 2019 for Leadership Council (LC) Chair and four Committee Co-Chairs.


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EarthCube is a community-led organization.

The Leadership Council (LC) Chair is the executive presence responsible for advancing EarthCube’s vision, mission, and strategic plan through open and inclusive governance. Specific emphasis of the LC Chair will be on promoting EarthCube products and services and helping the community understand what has been accomplished and how the pieces might fit together to advance science.

Committees and Teams that will nominate and elect new Co-Chairs are:

  • Engagement Team
  • Liaison Team
  • Technology & Architecture Committee
  • Science Committee

Timing for all positions:
December 1: nomination deadline
December 9-20: election period

Complete details on eligibility, nomination and election procedures


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