October 7, 2019
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  1. Greetings from the new EarthCube Office
  2. New Council of Funded Projects invitation
  3. AGU Presentations - let us help promote your EarthCube work!
  4. Updating the EarthCube Tools Inventory page

Greetings from the new EarthCube Office


Hello from your new EarthCube Office (ECO)!

We’re grateful for the opportunity before us, and look forward to working with you to help us all reach further toward the collective vision of what EarthCube can do for geosciences through its approaches, practices, recommendations, technology, and novel integrations of data, technology, and geoscience communities.
It’s exciting to look ahead with you, and as we do, we also know that behind all of us is a massive legacy of work, thought, debate, and collaboration, as well as the trials, errors, and successes that are always at the core of progress in science. We know we stand on the shoulders of giants. We very sincerely thank the last office for its dedicated work, its innovations, and the distance EarthCube gained under its skills, service, leadership, and people. We also recognize that every individual, committee, team, council, working group, and project has also sweated blood AND electrons to bring us, together, to where EarthCube is now. We build from that foundation.

A quick introduction to the office PI and co-PI’s:
  • Christine Kirkpatrick, Principal Investigator, San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California San Diego, leader of several significant big data projects (e.g., West Big Data Hub)
  • Rebecca Koskela, Executive Director, formerly Director of DataONE, long-time EarthCube Leadership Council member and contributor
  • Kenton McHenry, Technical Team Lead, Deputy Director of the Scientific Software & Applications Division at NCSA
  • Catherine Constable, Science Advisor, Distinguished Professor of Geophysics at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • Erin Robinson, Data Community & Training, Executive Director of the Federation for Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
  • You can read more about the new EarthCube Office here.

New Council of Funded Projects forming

We invite all current and past EarthCube projects to send a representative to a new Council of Funded Projects (CFP) – the newly funded projects will be there! We're fortunate to have Basil Tikoff as initial lead for this working group. If you would like to be added to the CFP roster and included in the meeting time poll and invitation, please email

AGU Presentations


Let us help promote your EarthCube work!

The AGU Fall Meeting scientific program (Dec. 9-13, 2019) was released just last week. We’re excited that there are so many accepted submissions involving EarthCube projects, groups, and efforts – congratulations to AGU participants!
The EarthCube Office would like to help support and promote your work. We've started an AGU19 spreadsheet for EarthCube entries using AGU-formatted information.
Please take a look  to see whether your presentation has been captured (if it didn’t include “EarthCube” in title, abstract, or keywords, it may not have been – and we want to include it!). ESPECIALLY - please provide any project names, twitter users or hashtags, and URLs we can use to call attention to your work. Let EarthCube offer you twitter support during the conference!
Shortly we’ll invite signup for demos and showcasing your EarthCube work through the AGU EarthCube booth. If you will have project materials you would like to offer as give-aways (e.g., flyers, promotional postcards), you can put those at the EarthCube booth for distribution.

Updating the EarthCube Tools Inventory page

It’s time for another update to the EarthCube Tools Inventory page, and we need your help in featuring EarthCube tools designed for scientists as end users. If you have a tool here, please send updated info to If your tool is not on this page but should be, please let us know! There are some very cool websites and tools funded in whole or part by NSF EarthCube, and we want to feature your work to the geosciences community! Please get in touch.

Got News?

The EarthCube Monday Update is published every Monday. If you have news about or would be of interest to the EarthCube governance groups (Leadership Committee, Science Committee, Technology and Architecture Committee, Council of Data Facilities, Engagement Team, or Liaison Team) please email the ECO by Friday afternoon the week before.
EarthCube is a collaboration between the Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI) and the Geosciences Directorate (GEO) of the US National Science Foundation (NSF).
For official NSF EarthCube content, please see:
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