December 3, 2018
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Upcoming Meetings


EarthCube @AGU

Once again EarthCube will have a strong presence at AGU, and we are really looking forward to seeing everyone! Check out all the sessions, posters, and town halls here so you don't miss a thing!

Look for the daily AGU Digest we will be sending to this list every morning next week during AGU, with a full listing of the current day's sessions, as well as highlights from the previous day. Be sure to follow #AGU18EC on Twitter for the latest, and tag your tweets so we can promote your presence at the meeting.

See you in DC!

NSF Solicitation for 
Next EarthCube Office
2019 EarthCube Projects now online

The new NSF Solicitation for the next EarthCube Office (NSF 19-523), as well as for the next round of EarthCube-funded projects, "EarthCube Science-Enabling Data Capabilities" and "EarthCube RCN" (NSF 16-514). 

Full proposal deadlines:
  • February 19, 2019: Next EarthCube Office [link]
  • March 05, 2019: EarthCube Science-Enabling Data Capabilities [link]
  • March 14, 2019: EarthCube RCN [link]
The  solicitation represents two funding opportunities to advance geosciences research:
  1. Science-Enabling Data Capabilities: This opportunity builds capabilities to improve geosciences data use and reuse for observational, experimental, and computational research that is interoperable with emerging standards and resources.
  2. EarthCube Research Coordination Networks (RCNs): This opportunity supports the formation of RCNs closely tied to the science and data needs of core geosciences programs and domains supported by GEO.
Proposals will be evaluated on how successfully they meet the Specific Requirements:
a. Advancing geosciences research
b. Reuse of existing tools/infrastructure
c. Sustainability
d. Metrics and assessment

Potential bidders can access a wealth of guidance on the EarthCube site. 

Slack Channels

For EarthCube Governance Groups
and Projects

We now have a Slack workspace specifically for EarthCube Governance Groups ( It's free to become a member of the workspace, spin-up time is minimal, so jump in!

If you'd like an invite, please contact the ESSO.

Unfamiliar with Slack? Simply put, it's an intuitive tool used by distributed teams to collaborate more effectively and most importantly, to get stuff done. The ESSO has been using it on a number of internal projects, and the Leadership Council has recently adopted it to stay on top of its numerous tasks and deadlines. Learn more here

Got News?

The EarthCube Monday Update is published every Monday morning. If you have news about or would be of interest to the EarthCube governance groups (Leadership Committee, Science Committee, Technology and Architecture Committee, Council of Data Facilities, Engagement Team, or Liaison Team) please email the ESSO by Friday afternoon the week before.
EarthCube is a collaboration between the Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI) and the Geosciences Directorate (GEO) of the US National Science Foundation (NSF).
For official NSF EarthCube content, please see:
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Our mailing address is: 
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