August 2019
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Mourning Fuqing Zhang
Travel Grants to GSA 2019

NSF Geoinformatics Project Proposals
Early Career Scientists at ECAM 2019
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EarthCube Saddened By Passing of Fuqing Zhang


Fuqing Zhang, of Penn State University, contributed greatly to the EarthCube community, not only with his intelligent work, but his spirit. He brought his warm personality and livelihood to EarthCube's projects, and its people. 

EarthCube extends our condolences to Zhang's family, friends, and all those who knew him. The news of his passing is difficult, and EarthCube is grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of some of his experiences.

Zhang was a long time contributor to EarthCube, including being a project PI and a co-organizer of the December 2012 EarthCube End-Users Workshop - "Shaping the Development of EarthCube to Enable Advances in Data Assimilation and Ensemble Prediction". Whether you met him there or in another of his many roles, we extend our condolences to you.  


Calling All Early Career Scientists to Attend GSA 2019

The Geological Society of Americawill be holding its Annual Meeting and Expositionthis year in Phoenix, Arizona. It will be a particularly great year to attend as it aligns with multiple celebration-worthy anniversaries. If you are an underrepresented minority or an early career scientist, let EarthCube help you get there! 

The EarthCube Early Career Travel Grant provides reimbursement funds to individuals ($500) or underrepresented minorities ($1000) to present or discuss their EarthCube-related work at professional meetings, workshops or conferences held in the United States. The Early Career Travel Grant program is intended to promote EarthCube activities and work products and to cultivate the next generation of EarthCube participants.

Applications for the Early Career Travel Grant to attend GSA 2019 are due as soon as possible, but no later than August 15.

In addition to the regular program at GSA, check out the Short Courses. Of particular interest to EarthCube are: 1) Strabospot and 2) Your Thesis is Software: Tools for the Geoscientist to Help Write Better Code, from Version Control to Test-Driven Development

NSF Solicitation for Geoinformatics Project Proposals 



NSF wants to hear your Geoinformatics ideas.

They have created a new project solicitation and three new tracks of opportunities are now supported: the Catalytic Track, Facility Track, and Sustainability Track. 

For details, check NSF's official solicitation page. It is also available as a PDF. 

All proposals must be submitted by August 15th.

Early Career Travel Grants and the 2019 ECAM



Early Career Scientists add great value to the EarthCube community. EarthCube wants to recognize them, and travel grants are one way to do so. This year, one early career scientist shared his experience coming to the EarthCube Annual Meeting in June.

Read about the experience of Young Don Choi at the 2019 ECAM, and learn more about his research here.  

EarthCube in the News

The EarthCube Community has been working tirelessly in its endeavor to transform the way geoscience is performed - both as a social paradigm shift as well as developing the technological capabilities to support that. We've enjoyed a lot of great press lately, so check out our new EarthCube in the News page.

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Distinguished Lecturer Program
Early Career Travel Grants

Let us share your success with the community! 

Has your participation in EarthCube benefited your research or helped you meet a particular challenge? Email the ESSO so we can promote your success.

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