July 2019
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CDF General Assembly
Gateway Focus Week in Chicago
Annual Meeting Highlights
EC Community Service Awards
First Ever EC Legacy Award
NSF Geoinformatics Project Proposals
EarthCube DOIs and Repository
EC In The News
Events & Opportunities

The Council of Data Facilities will have its Summer General Assembly Meeting July 15th in Tacoma



Coming in the next few weeks will be the Summer General Assembly of the CDF. The Council will gather in Tacoma, Washington July 15th 2-5pm. 

Remote Access will be available. The agenda and links are coming soon. Read more about the Council of Data Facilities. And check out the EarthCube Calendar for other upcoming events.

Gateway Focus Week is coming to Chicago September 9-13, Apply Now!


Want to learn gateways, from start to finish?

Gateway Focus Week (formerly Science Gateways Bootcamp) will help you learn how to develop, operate, and sustain a gateway (also known as portals, virtual research environments, hubs, etc.).


Why apply? You’ll...

  • Leave behind day-to-day tasks to tackle big questions that will help your team articulate the value of your work to key stakeholders.
  • Create a strong development, operations, and sustainability plan.
  • Walk away with proven and effective strategies in everything from business and finance to cybersecurity and usability.
  • Network, collaborate, and establish relationships with others doing similar work.
  • Do it all at minimal cost (currently, participants only pay for travel, lodging, and a few meals).
Looking for more reasons to apply? Read blog posts featuring more testimonials (on our FAQ page).

The next Focus Week is September 9-13, 2019, in Chicago, IL.

 Apply here by July 19!

“When you have a lot of irons in the fire, it is difficult to commit a whole week to an intensive retreat like the SGCI Bootcamp [Focus Week]. But the impact of working closely with a team of experts and a room full of peers struggling with similar issues in their own science gateway projects far exceeded my expectations. If you need help reaching your gateway’s potential or are worried about its sustainability, run, don’t walk, to the next offering, and take your whole team with you. My only regret is not having involved more of my staff.”
Kris Acheson-ClairDirector, Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research
Purdue University

This opportunity is offered by the Science Gateways Community Institute. Learn more about SGCI at Questions? Please email

Highlights from the Annual Meeting


Thank you to all the members of the EarthCube community who came to Denver from all over the world and brought great ideas and discussion to the 2019 Annual Meeting in June.

Reflect on memories of the ECAM or find out what you missed by reading the highlights on the EarthCube Blog

Thank you to the Recipients of 2019 EarthCube Community Service Awards



Congratulations and a big thank you to Dan Fuka and Matt Mayernik for all of their service.

Matt Mayernik (left), Project Scientist & Research Data Services Specialist at UCAR, and Dan Fuka (right), Postdoctoral Associate at Virginia Tech, received the 2019 EarthCube Community Service Awards. Thank you to Mimi Tzeng (center) for presenting these awards. 

Yolanda Gil has Received First Ever EarthCube Legacy Award




Yolanda Gil has contributed to EarthCube generously and diligently over the years. For this, she is the first ever recipient of the EarthCube Legacy Award.

We as the EarthCube Community want to thank Yolanda Gil (right), Research Professor of Computer Science and Spatial Sciences and Principal Scientist at USC Information Sciences Institute, for all of her service and dedication to EarthCube and the people in it. We are proud that she is the first recipient of this award. Thank you to Denise Hills (left) for presenting it. 

NSF Solicitation for Geoinformatics Project Proposals 



NSF wants to hear your Geoinformatics ideas.

They have created a new project solicitation and three new tracks of opportunities are now supported: the Catalytic Track, Facility Track, and Sustainability Track. 

For details, check NSF's official solicitation page. It is also available as a PDF. 

All proposals must be submitted by August 15th.

EarthCube is getting DOIs and a Repository


Thanks to the EC Leadership Council, EarthCube documents will be searchable, retrievable, and these solutions will last over changes in EC governance. Read the article on the EarthCube blog, written by Leadership Council Member, Ouida Meier, to learn more. 


The decision about what DOIs and repository to use took careful consideration. Read the article on the EarthCube blog, written by Leadership Council Member, Ouida Meier, to learn more about what came into play, and what EarthCube will be using. 

EarthCube in the News

The EarthCube Community has been working tirelessly in its endeavor to transform the way geoscience is performed - both as a social paradigm shift as well as developing the technological capabilities to support that. We've enjoyed a lot of great press lately, so check out our new EarthCube in the News page.

Upcoming Events

EC Annual Meeting 6/12-6/14


Distinguished Lecturer Program
Early Career Travel Grants

Let us share your success with the community! 

Has your participation in EarthCube benefited your research or helped you meet a particular challenge? Email the ESSO so we can promote your success.

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