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EarthCube Office News: February 2021

PBOT Enables Scientists and Educators Access to Paleobotany Data

Detailed information about ancient vegetation has long been a mystery, and often when it is discovered, accessing the data is difficult - if even possible. However, a new EarthCube project team has recently begun development of a unique web client and database coined PBOT, short for Paleobotany Database, that aims to provide both scientists and educators easy access to a long awaited paleobotany database. PBOT includes entry and analysis of fossil plant data such as this 50-million-year-old sycamore leaf from northwestern Wyoming.
Credit: E. Currano, University of Wyoming

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Ocean Protein Portal Updates METATRYP to Encompass COVID-19 Peptides Data

EarthCube project researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution recently published their study findings related to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus peptides in the Journal of Proteome Research. Specifically, the scientists discussed how SARS-CoV-2 has the most shared tryptic peptides with its closest bat precursor virus and while the COVID-19 strain has some shared peptides with SARS-CoV-1, it is very different from the “common influenza”.

The discovery was made possible by the Ocean Protein Portal’s METATRYP software, which allows users to query the occurrence of shared peptides encoded by various coronavirus genomes and other relevant taxa.

Shared peptides of SARS-CoV-2 with other key taxa are illustrated in this image:
Credit: Jaclyn Saunders, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

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BALTO Tools Virtual Training Workshop

February 16-18, 2021. BALTO, which serves scientists and data facilities wanting to share data, will host a virtual workshop from 8am to 12pm (PST) regarding the BALTO ASPECT URL Reader (February 16), the BALTO Hyrax Extension (February 17), and the BALTO Jupyter Notebook (February 18). Registration details will be forthcoming. 

Science Gateways Community Institute Free Sustainability Course

March 1-3, 2021. The Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan mini-course will focus on practical and effective steps for developing a sustainability strategy. The course offers a way to kick-off sustainability planning, whether writing a new grant or moving to the next level with a mature project. Register by February 24, 2021. Agenda and registration.


ASSET Tools Virtual Training Workshop

March 16, 2021. EarthCube’s Accelerating Scientific Workflows using EarthCube Technologies (ASSET) virtual training workshop will take place 8am-12pm (PST). The goals of the ASSET workshop are to (1) introduce geoscience researchers to the process of creating and analyzing workflows in order to broaden uptake and shorten time-to-science, and (2) teach how to use ASSET as an example tool for documenting workflows. 

Tephra Data Standardization Workshop

May 4-6, 2021. This dynamic virtual workshop will cover Tephra data collection and reporting recommendations, EarthChem integration, StraboSpot integration, and user training. Contact: Steve Kuehn,

Workshop Supporting Early Career Geoscience Faculty

July 25-29, 2021. Join a multi-day workshop in a stimulating and resource-rich environment where you will participate in sessions on topics including effective teaching strategies, course design, establishing a research program in a new setting, working with research students, balancing professional and personal responsibilities, and time management. The Early Career Geoscience Faculty workshop is for faculty in their first three years of a tenure-track or equivalent position. Learn more and apply by March 26, 2021.

Team Meetings

Technology & Architecture Committee (TAC) - Monday, February 1, 11 am (PST)
Science & Engagement Team (SET) - Tuesday, February 2, 1 pm (PST)
Council of Funded Projects (CFP) - Thursday, February 4, 9:30 am (PST)
Council of Data Facilities (CDF) - Friday, February 12, 12 pm (PST)

Learn more on the EarthCube Governance page or email us at to join any of these groups.

NNSFational Science Foundation Opportunities and Deadlines


GeoCorps America Internships

The Geological Society of America (GSA) is working with GeoCorps America to offer paid short-term geoscience opportunities in some of the most beautiful natural areas in the world. Topic areas include geology, hydrology, paleontology, mapping and GIS, minerals, soils, glaciology, geohazards, karst, education, and interpretation. GSA partners with the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and other organizations committed to science and stewardship in order to offer the program. Learn more and apply by February 3, 2021.

Pangeo Open Source Infrastructure Engineer

Pangeo is looking for an Open Source Infrastructure Engineer who will help shape the future of data-intensive scientific research and make a big impact on important problems shaping society. This engineer will lead the development and operation of cloud-based infrastructure, focusing on the Pangeo Project - a community platform for big data geoscience. Help build the next generation of cloud-native data science environments at 2i2c_org! If this role speaks to you, apply today! Full details and application link.

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