September 30, 2019
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Inviting Session Proposals for ‘Big Data’ Theme at Goldschmidt 2020


The Goldschmidt Conference is the premier International meeting of geochemists annually. In 2020 the conference will include it's first ever data-related theme “New Approaches in Geochemistry: Nanoscale to Big Data”. It will be held in Honolulu in 2020 at the Hawai'i Convention Center (June 21-26).


This is a great opportunity for the EarthCube community and other geoscientists to highlight data-driven science, new computational and data analytics methodologies, and emerging cyberinfrastructure capabilities including data systems, modelling platforms, and data standards in geochemistry, petrology, and geochronology.


Session proposals should be submitted at and
workshop proposals should be submitted at,
both by October 18, 2019.

Kerstin Lehnert (Theme Co-ordinator)
Ken Rubin (Co-chair of the local organizing committee of Goldschmidt 2020)

Theme 6 Description:
The development and application of novel approaches to geochemical research commonly provides the impetus for exciting scientific discoveries. In recent years, advances in analytical and structural methods, the exponential increase of online available datasets, and the progress in computational and theoretical tools allow us to now observe and predict geochemical processes across a vast range of spatial and temporal scales in terrestrial and extra-terrestrial environments. This theme seeks to highlight the new approaches that are being utilized to understand the geological, geochemical and biological processes responsible for compositional and structural variations observed from sub-micrometer to global and planetary scales across the broad range of materials, surfaces, interfaces and defects found in the terrestrial and extra-terrestrial environments. These may have formed in experiments or have been theoretically modeled. This theme will include methods-oriented sessions, for instance, sessions focusing on new frontiers in instrumentation for the micro- to nano-scale geochemical characterization of natural or laboratory samples. Data-oriented sessions that highlight innovative data mining, data analytics, and data visualization methods that progress our understanding of geochemical processes, as well as new and emerging cyberinfrastructure capabilities including data systems, modeling platforms, and data standards for geochemistry are also a part of this theme.

EarthCube Infrastructure and the Helioportal


EarthCube Participants from the Center for Computational Heliophysics are collaborating with NOAA and NASA and making big impacts with EarthCube Data Infrastructure.

Check out the video and slides from their latest presentation, where they talk about how our understanding solar flares can be affected by their database project, and what their plan is to make that happen. 

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