September 2019
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TAC Chair Election
LC Member Election
Council of Funded Projects
Data Visualization Survey
NSF Cloud Research Workshop
EC In The News
Events & Opportunities

Votes for New TAC Chair Must be Submitted by this Friday, September 6th. 


The Technology and Architecture Committee will be holding elections for a new chair this week. Please submit your ballots by this Friday, September 6th. 

If any members of the committee are missing a ballot, please contact James Davies at All members should make sure to get there votes in on time to be sure that the best leader for the TAC is chosen. 

Upcoming Election for two new At-Large Members of the Leadership Council  


The EarthCube Leadership Council will gain new members soon. Be on the lookout for your ballot. 

Two positions have opened for a new at-large members of the LC. All members of the EarthCube community will receive a ballot via email in the coming weeks. Vote to make your voice heard and make sure that you are represented in EarthCube's  governing council. 

EarthCube Forms of Council of Funded Projects





Calling all current and past EarthCube project participants!  

Please join our newly formed EarthCube Council of Funded Projects (ECFP) to have a more direct voice in EarthCube planning and implementation over the coming years. We expect the group to have lively discussions of  geosciences  data access, geosciences workflow support, component interoperability, standards and specifications, long-term sustainability of Geoscience cyberInfrastructure, and more.  

Read more about the new council in a blog post here, written by the EarthCube leadership Council Chair Ken Rubin.

If you are interested in joining, please send an email to James Davies at

Data Visualization in the Geosciences Survey Request - A Message from Flyover Country

Computer technology has transformed the way we visualize our data.  As part of the activities of the Flyover Country project (, we have drafted a survey asking people in the paleosciences (broadly) to help us understand how researchers represent their data, and how we might better  represent complex spatio-temporal data in the future. As an expert, your feedback is critically important for helping to inform this discussion.

Survey link:

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes (sjg: I did it in 19!).  You will be asked fo rbackground on your specific research domain, shown some visualizations and asked whether you have used them. You will also be asked about the sources of your research data and your interaction with various Community Curated Data Resources.
We've made an effort to keep this survey as short as possible.  Twenty minutes is a significant contribution of your time, and we appreciate your time and effort.  Your collective feedback will be shared with the community to help advance the practice of visualization in the paleogeosciences.

Simon Goring - University of Wisconsin
Shane Loeffler - University of Minnesota
Rob Roth - University of Wisconsin
Flyover Country is supported by NSF Geoinformatics and the NSF EarthCube Program through awards NSF-1550913, 1550855, and 1550843.
Please contact Simon Goring with any questions or concerns:


Contribute to NSF's Cloud Research Workshop

NSF is sponsoring a workshop on Next Generation Cloud Research Infrastructure November 11-12 in Princeton, NJ. They are asking prospective participants to submit information about how they might contribute to the workshop. This could be in terms of pervious experience, research, ideas, and more. For more information see:

EarthCube in the News

The EarthCube Community has been working tirelessly in its endeavor to transform the way geoscience is performed - both as a social paradigm shift as well as developing the technological capabilities to support that. We've enjoyed a lot of great press lately, so check out our new EarthCube in the News page.

Upcoming Events

GSA Annual Meeting (9/22-9/25)
NSF Cloud Research (11/11-11/12)


Distinguished Lecturer Program
Early Career Travel Grants

Let us share your success with the community! 

Has your participation in EarthCube benefited your research or helped you meet a particular challenge? Email the ESSO so we can promote your success.

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