October 28, 2019
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Upcoming Committee Meetings

  • No scheduled committee meetings this week.
  • The EarthCube Calendar may be the easiest place to access details for open committee meetings. including links to Zoom, one-touch dial-in, agenda, and updates.  Navigate: EarthCube > Events > Calendar, or
  • The Calendar has been updated to include conferences where we anticipate EarthCube or partner participation in some form, currently scheduled through July 2020.


  1. @EarthCube #TwitterNews
  2. Updating Project Pages
  3. Preparing for AGU

@EarthCube #TwitterNews

Please follow @EarthCube if you're on Twitter. Projects, tag us with your EC news so we can like or retweet you. See news at Recent news tidbits gleaned:
  • EarthCube had a presence at the Research Data Alliance Plenary last week. Rebecca Koskela presented for ECO [link], and Christine Kirkpatrick, tweeting the conference, shared an EC-relevant insight: "The goal of virtual environments is to have happy researchers" - Sandra Gesing [link]. (Also: GitHub now contains over 4M notebooks.)
  • Bonnie Hurwitz presented EarthCube project PlanetMicrobe at the NSF National Microbiome Data Collaborative [link].
  • Ryan Abernathy shared a new developmental milestone for a Pangeo product [link], and there was an interesting discussion about federally funded Python tools [link] and the need for a community contributors for software sustainability beyond the grant period.
We appreciate glimpses of both news and context that we get from social media. Our working lives are richer for it. Tag us @EarthCube so we can keep up with your Geo CI news and progress!

Updating Project Pages

We're welcoming over 20 new EarthCube funded projects into the family - look for a bit more on them in the upcoming Monthly Newsletter. As they start to go about setting up new EarthCube website pages to represent their work, they'll look around to see existing examples. Please consider taking this opportunity to update and tidy your own project pages.

Project pages often contain succinct goals and outcomes, images, links, and should prominently feature your related project outreach beyond the website, such as social media, blogposts, gateways, GitHub locations, and any products including publications, presentations, software, videos, etc. If you need help accessing your project page or training or support in modifying it, Ouida Meier can be a contact point (

Preparing for AGU


AGU is rapidly approaching: Dec. 9-13.

EarthCube has a booth near NSF this year. Please let Lynne Schreiber ( know if you'd like to demo, volunteer for a bit. or have project materials you'd like to distribute there. Lynne can help coordinate face-to-face (F2F) meetings of committees if needed.

The schedule of AGU19 EarthCube entries may help you choose those meeting times. Please - also add your preferred project URLs, social media handles, etc. so we can offer Twitter support during the conference. Make sure we're not missing your presentation! Page 2 is for your recommendations of outside-of-EC-projects to EC folks - thank you in advance!


Got News?

The EarthCube Monday Update is published every Monday. If you have news about or would be of interest to the EarthCube governance groups (Leadership Committee, Science Committee, Technology and Architecture Committee, Council of Data Facilities, Engagement Team, or Liaison Team) please email the ECO by Friday afternoon the week before.
EarthCube is a collaboration between the Division of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI) and the Geosciences Directorate (GEO) of the US National Science Foundation (NSF).
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