December 2019
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New NSF EarthCube Solicitation
AGU - Gatherings, Sessions, Presentations
Leadership Council & New Office meet

EC 2020 - Save the Date: June 2-4
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Upcoming Events

New NSF EarthCube Solicitation

Developing a Community-Driven Data and Knowledge Environment for the Earth Sciences

A new NSF EarthCube solicitation for proposals has just been released. See details in html or pdf. Stated deadlines and target dates are listed as March 12, 2020. Projects being accepted for consideration include:
1. Science-Enabling Data Capabilities and Pilots,
2. EarthCube Research Coordination Networks (RCNs),
and supplements for science adoption or data resource adoption that integrate with EarthCube.

The solicitation also references responsiveness "to the needs of and input from the geosciences community, as well as technological advances" and cites this link to supporting materials at the EarthCube website:

AGU - Gatherings, Sessions, Presentations


AGU 2019 is Dec 9-13. Great opportunities to listen, learn, share, and do more!

Please mark your calendar now for the EarthCube Town Hall, Monday night, Dec. 9, 6:15-7:15pm.

We hope to see everyone together at these two events:

(1) Monday, Dec. 9 - EarthCube Town Hall. 6:15-7:15 pm. TH15D: EarthCube: A Community-Driven Cyberinfrastructure for the Geosciences–A Progress Report  Christine Kirkpatrick, Rebecca Koskela, Eva Zanzerkia, Ken Rubin, Bonnie Hurwitz, Joseph Hamman, Suzanne Pierce, Alexander Kosovichev, Samira Daneshgar Asl, Basil Tikoff. (Moscone West rm 2020, L2.)

(2) Tuesday, Dec. 10 - Happy Hour at the EarthCube Booth #510 (near NSF). 3:30-5:30 pm, Exhibition Hall (Moscone South, Hall F) - during the Exhibit Hall receptionl.

We've pulled together a schedule of 53 EarthCube presentations and sessions
throughout the meeting. To add yours, or to recommend other AGU presentations or events you think would be of interest to other EC people, alert us or add info here (p.1 - EC, p.2 - other recommendations).

People from several EC projects will demo tools at the EarthCube booth #510 during the week: DRILSDOWN, Net CDF-CF, Resource Registry, Planet Microbe, InGeO, Data Discovery Studio, Power of Many, Heliophysics projects, ArcCI, BALTO, CyberConnector, Geochron/Sparrow, and NEREID will all contribute; a few slots are open. See also Pangeo tutorials & info.

EarthCube is a partner in the 2019 AGU Data FAIR, booth #1329. Data Help Desk topics and tool demos at his booth include several EC projects and CDF repository members; our partner ESIP is coordinating much of this work. Check out the highly relevant Data FAIR Town Hall issues.


If you won't be at AGU this year:

Why not follow along on Twitter and enjoy some events vicariously? No account is needed to look us up @EarthCube or search #AGU19.
Bonus opportunity: AGU is offering FREE live-streaming of 15 climate change sessions over 3 days, starting Wed., Dec. 11. Participants can register at AGU-GO.  

Leadership Council & New Office Meet



EarthCube LC and ECO meet to work together in person - San Diego Supercomputer Center

Alignment and looking ahead together for EarthCube goals were the operative themes of a face-to-face working meeting between the new EarthCube Office (ECO) and the Leadership Council (LC), Nov. 20-21, 2019. People met at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC), UC San Diego, over two days for a series of introductions, group work, focused discussions, planning, goal and timeline evaluation, and priority-setting. NSF Program Director Eva Zanzerkia joined online for a time, and everyone's willingness to participate fully, openly, and thoughtfully led to solid meeting outcomes. A meeting summary is being completed by ECO; this will be given to the LC, and committees and teams will be invited to offer feedback.

EC 2020 - Save the Date! June 2-4


It's not too early to mark your calendar!
Plan to meet in San Diego the first week in June 2020.


For details as they develop, watch this space:



Watch your email for a ballot to select the next Leadership Council Chair. Voting happens Dec 9-20, 2019.


EarthCube is a community-led organization. The Chair of the Leadership Council (LC) is the executive presence responsible for advancing EarthCube’s vision, mission, and strategic plan through open and inclusive governance.

Committees and Teams that will also elect new Co-Chairs are:

  • Technology & Architecture Committee
  • Science Committee
  • Engagement Team
  • Liaison Team
Nominations were accepted through Dec. 1; voting is Dec. 9-20, 2019. EarthCube members are eligible to vote, and membership is free and open to anyone working in the geoscience and data science fields: register here.

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The monthly Newsletter is the single best source of EarthCube news.  Twitter is a great addition.

Savvy EC projects are increasing their reach by tagging @EarthCube on Twitter when they have new developments or presentations to share.

  • For most people, the monthly Newsletter is the easiest, most succinct source of EarthCube news.
  • Twitter is useful for sharing partner events, short-fuse opportunities, and vicariously enjoying conferences. EarthCube Twitter lets us help promote your work!
  • People contributing through committees and teams can also subscribe to the brief Monday Update for meeting reminders and relevant breaking news.
  • Did you know? Most EC committees are open, and share their meeting links on the EC Calendar - jump in to see what's going on and participate as part of the EC community!
  • No need to track the EC blog separately. It's designed to feature projects and discuss topics, and we'll link to any new blogposts in the Newsletter.
  • EC Membership is free, and required for voting privileges and leadership positions; add or renew yours here.
  • If you have a suggestion for a news item in any of these formats, please let us know!

Upcoming Events

AGU Fall Meeting 2019 Dec 9-12
ESIP Winter Meeting 2020 Jan 7-9
AMS Ann Meeting 2020 Jan 12-16
OSM Meeting 2020 Feb 16-21

NSF EC Proposals 2020 Mar 12
EC Annual Meeting 2020 Jun 2-4
The EarthCube Calendar has additional listings:


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