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Spring 2016
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It's in the Air!

The weather is warming up and the desire to get out and catch a dose of Vitamin D is on everyone’s list. The coats come off and we feel lighter. Here in the Northeast, that is quite a bit of weight off since we need to bundle up in heavy clothes for several months a year.

Artists start planning plein aire trips (after black fly season!) and we get together with plein aire painting with Robert Carstenfriends who want to do the same. It is a time to reconnect and share our lives and our loves with our peers. This is usually the busiest time of the year for painters. And then there are the art shows that many artists participate in, also. I used to do the outdoor show circuit but gave that up several years ago. It was just too much work with too little pay back – people were more interested in looking at the art than actually purchasing it.

Getting into writing is a little more difficult. Summer is such a short season in the Northeast that it seems the child in us takes over and wants to get outside and play. Work isn’t fun! But since winter, my major writing season, got away from me this year, I have to get my head out of the sun clouds and into a serious frame of mind. I have to treat my writing and my painting what it really is; my business. I’m not a dabbler in art and I don’t paint as a hobbyist. Nor is writing a book on my bucket list. Painting and writing are my jobs, my businesses. And I need to start giving them the respect they deserve as real life-time career choices.

Writings & Musings

Parts That Make a Whole

A beginning, a middle, and an end. Those are the three necessary parts of a story. But that is far from all that is needed to tell a compelling tale.

You must have a plot and preferably one with a twist. There may be a problem with a solution to follow, as well. And along the road you meet the main characters, finding out more about the story through their development.

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I’ve worked on many stories and until I had them worked out completely, I would sometimes think, well, this is going to be a boring story. I need a villain of some kind to make it more interesting. Of course, I’m talking theoretically. You don’t really need a villain., even less so in short stories.

I just wrote a short story that I am really satisfied with and there is no one even remotely evil in it. Of course, there are only two main characters in the story. I consider it a love story. Not your basic boy-meets-girl-and-falls-in-love story, but a love between a mother and her son.

Whatever your subject, be sure to include the basic elements that make not only a complete story but also a memorable one, starting with that all-important first sentence.

I recently participated in "Pet Portrait" day at the LRAA Gallery in Tilton, NH. I brought both pastels and acrylics with me. I worked on a portrait, in pastels, of one of my dogs, Kameko but I have not yet finished it. My acrylic was this horse, a 5"x7", which I just finished. I'm pleased with how he came out and will bring it to the LRAA Gallery to sell.

Although you can't see in this photo, this fruit still life is painted on a gallery-wrapped canvas which is where each fruit ends. Small in size, 4"x4",  but big in presentation, this is another example of how much I enjoy painting fruit and veggie still lifes. 

See more miniatures for sale on my website.

My Books
I’ve decided that “Mouse Bound” will be my next book. Sort of a children’s book ( think Roald Dahl and “The BFG” or “The Witches”), it will appeal, I hope, to young and old alike. I do plan to have many illustrations throughout the book. I think it will make it more interactive and fun for those who purchase it.

The book will be a softcover edition and the illustrations will be pen-and-ink based. I went through the book and came up with about 35 illustrations but I think I will drop that to about 25. That is a lot of work and I do want to finish this book as well as another for 2016.

All of my books can be purchased through our publishing website,

Surprising how fast our plans/goals are put on hold because of the time passing by so quickly. At the beginning of 2016 I thought, ok, I can do 3 books since I have finished the text for one (Mouse Bound) but have many illustrations to complete, a second one is maybe 90% complete but also needs editing, and the third one, well, that needed the most work since it is only about 60% complete and I’ve been away from it the longest so I would have to get my head back into it, which would take some time. 
As Gloria Steinem said so many years ago, I need a wife!


The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.       ~Aristotle

Pet Portrait Day at the LRAA Gallery

The Lakes Region Art Association Gallery is located at the Tanger Outlets in Tilton, NH. The hours are 10am-6pm on Fri, Sat, and Sun.
At the LRAA Gallery we are looking forward to more activity and sales through the summer months. There was a little more activity during the spring months with a special event at the Tanger outlet stores in April, an open house that brought many people to the gallery. Although the event fell on my birthday and I was busy with my husband, Jim, that day, I found out the next day when I went to gallery sit that one of my paintings had sold. It happened to be the most expensive painting sold to date at the gallery! I’d say that was a great birthday present!

I recently changed some of my artwork at Vynnart Gallery in Meredith, NH. I added a few smaller pieces and together with a few framed pieces I feel like I have a good variety of work to offer.

On My Easel

This is when things get a little sticky for me. Since I didn’t accomplish with my writing quite what I had planned to accomplish over the winter months, I’m now feeling the pressure of finishing paintings and books before the summer ends. But as for my paintings, my focus right now is the award show for the Lakes Region Art Assoc.  which is coming up in July.  I promised myself that I would complete two paintings for this show; one in pastels and one in oils. I am pretty much finished with the one in pastels, a fall lake scene, and also the one in oils, a koi fish in an outdoor pond scene.

I like working on new work in two different mediums at the same time because it gives me the opportunity to paint with both and become more proficient in both, instead of working only in one medium at a time. Plus, I have found a lot of cross-over in learning when using the different mediums; working in one medium always teaches me techniques that enhance my knowledge in another medium. Although they all have characteristics that are unique to them there are still certain techniques that serve all mediums. So, just painting, whatever your medium of choice, will help you grow and become a more proficient artist.

 This is most of my new display at Vynnart Gallery in Meredith, NH.

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Every year, the Lakes Region Art Association has an awards show for its members. I planned for it this year and decided I needed to paint two new paintings; one in pastels and one in oils. The painting to the left  "Koi Falls" is my oil submission.

You never know where you'll find a pond with Koi fish so I try to remember to always have my camera with me. The reference photo for this painting was taken at a greenhouse garden center. A waterfall is a nice touch and added to the overall composition of the painting. Even though there were several Koi fish in the pond, I thought having a single Koi fish would make a more compelling painting.

The waterfall was fun to paint, especially since I haven't had much experience with painting them. That is when it helps to have another pair of eyes. So, I asked my husband, Jim, to tell me what he thought of the painting. He went right to the waterfall, commenting that I had too much white on the falling water. I looked at the photo and decided he was right so I changed it and immediately I saw a difference. The water that has fallen and has either hit a rock, halfway down, or hit the bottom, is very white. But while falling you actually see more of the rocks behind. That was a very helpful observation.

Now, hopefully the judges will see the same thing and decide it is a painting worthy of an award. Or even better, a buyer will fall in love with it!



Someone who is an author, an artist, and an entrepreneur.  Any person who writes or has a published novel, who paints fine art/illustrations, and also has established businesses using the combination of artistic talents.
                                                                - DJ Geribo


What I'm Reading

I have fallen in love with Roald Dahl! I just read “The BFG” that was recently made into a motion picture by Steven Spielberg. Having just read the book, I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. I’ve also just read “The Witches”, another fun book that I not only enjoyed reading but also found inspiration in how I want to add illustrations to my latest book. My next book will be a little different: although it is a children’s book, I will be creating black and white illustrations throughout the book, similar to how both The BFG and The Witches are laid out. You never know where your inspiration will come from but I can’t think of a better model than one created by Roald Dahl!

I also read “To Kill a Mockingbird”.  A novel that many read in school, it is a classic as well as a Pulitzer prize winner.  The prejudices of the south are at the roots of the novel. Told through the eyes of Scout, a nine-year-old girl, the lessons she learns from her father, who is representing an innocent man accused of rape, and the lessons she learns from many of the people in the small town of Macomb, are in conflict. 

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