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Summer 2015
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Show Time!

Although I’ve been busy painting in my studio, I’ve also been researching Holiday Shows that I can participate in where I can sell my books and my miniature paintings. I’m also looking for animal portrait commissions which are popular for the holidays.  And I’m still offering a 5”x7” acrylic animal portrait for $49. This is not a photo-realistic portrait but a small portrait created in my style. It has been a very popular gift item.

Here is a list of the Holiday Shows I will be participating in over the next few months:

October 31 - Coe-Brown Northwood Academy Holiday Craft Show - 9am-2pm
                      Gerrish Gym, Northwood, NH
November 6 - Ladies Time Out - Barn at O'Bistro- 6pm-10pm
                              200 North Main St., Wolfeboro, NH
November 14 - Granite State Choral Holiday Show - 9am-3pm
                           Rochester Community Ctr., 150 Wakefield St., Rochester, NH
December 5 - Alton Rotary Holiday Show - 9am-3pm
                           Alton Central School, School St.,  Alton, NH

So far, this is my schedule. If I sign up for more shows, I'll post them to my website.

Writings & Musings

Knowledge Base

In one of my writing help books it was suggested that you start something called a “Lexicon” which can include new words, ideas, words you like, word lists, and even drawings of words that are interesting to you.  This lexicon can become your go-to book when you are writing a novel or story. I have several tools I use to expand my vocabulary and further my writing knowledge. Mostly I read other books but I also love to read through writing help books. Some of the information I read is just confirming things I’ve already known about writing.  But then there are those gems I come across that really help my writing and I immediately take them as my own and use them in my writing from that point forward.

Exposing yourself to new ideas and concepts can also help your writing. Sometimes you might think, oh, I don’t know anything about this and you dismiss it without any interest. But if you instead say, oh, I don’t know anything about this, but wouldn't it be awesome to find out what it is, now you have the chance to learn all about a new subject. Always be open to learning something new. This will expand your knowledge-base and supply you with an endless inventory of stories to write.

Link to DJ Geribo's Writing Blog.

And don’t forget about daily life. You might think nothing interesting ever happens in your life, but next time you go food shopping or to a Laundromat (I only go to one a couple of times a year to wash my comforters that won’t fit in my washing machine), look at the people standing in line or waiting for their clothes to dry. You just might come up with your next great novel. Think about J.K. Rowling who was on a train when a boy wearing a cape came walking down the aisle and voila! She had her Harry Potter character just like that. You never know where or when inspiration will strike and everything in your life, no matter how dull or mundane you may think it is, can fill your Lexicon with all the tools you need to create great works of writing.

 My Lexicon

This is one of the miniatures that I painted. I bought a couple of black canvases and thought I'd see how the three cherries looked on the black background. I really like it and think I'll paint some other fruits on these little black canvases.

And here is another miniature. I spent a lot of time on this one with the two cows. But it was definitely worth it because I love the way it came out - although it does have more of the 'photo-realistic' quality to it I think it is also still very painterly.

Another miniature painting that I will have available for sale at the shows I am participating in this fall. All of my miniatures are painted mostly in acrylics. Available for sale on my website.

I do love crows and got a few good pictures when I was visiting a friend in northern NH a few months ago. They are very smart birds and I felt like he posed for me, knowing he was on camera.



Combination of one who is an author, an artist, and an entrepreneur.  Any person who writes or has a published novel, who paints fine art/illustrations, and also has established businesses using the combination of artistic talents. See DJ Geribo’s websites for examples (,,, ). Yes, I made the word  'Authistpreneur' up, but I think it fits for all the things I do, unless I am simply a Renaissance Woman (read my blog entry on Renaissance Men and Women on

(Although this was featured in my last issue, I thought it was good enough to feature again this month!)


All of my books can be purchased through our publishing website,

My Latest Book
My latest book is now available for purchase. “The Miracle Dog” was a long time coming. Although it was supposed to be my first book, I found myself avoiding editing the book since it brought back all the pain and stress we all went through to bring our Meko back to good health. But I knew I had to finish it because it would hopefully help others who may be going through the same stressful situation with their pet. It was such a relief to finally complete it and now it is available for purchase from our website:  Order your autographed copy now!


If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint',  then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.
Vincent van Gogh


On October 6, I set up my artwork in a new gallery with the Lakes Region Art Association. The opportunity was dropped in our laps and the artists are signing up for a very reasonable low monthly rental rate.

I’m very excited about this opportunity and getting my artwork out in the public in a gallery instead of the one-day art shows I’ve done over the years. I will also have my books available for sale and I will offer animal portraits in pastels or oils. I also paint a smaller portrait in my painterly, impressionistic style in acrylics and I will be offering this, as well. 

I will send out a notice through email and also post on my Facebook page when the gallery has their Grand Opening so stay tuned!

On My Easel

I've spent a lot of time in my studio - I usually do in the summer. I love it up there in my ivory tower and look forward to painting (and writing) and just hanging out. The problem is, I want to paint in several different mediums so I really need to have a goal rather than just drift from work table to work table. And this summer I've spent most of my time working on a variety of miniatures. That's right, I'm still loving the miniature paintings.

One of the benefits of painting miniatures is the variety of subjects I've painted. And with each subject, I've noticed significant improvement in my work. And I can also paint a lot faster than I could before. This has been a valuable learning experience for me, not to mention the fun I've had looking through my hundreds of photos to find a subject I would like to paint on the assortment of miniature canvases that I have. 

And now I'm really gearing up for the Holiday shows - see above for the list of shows that I'll be participating in this fall.
Go to My Website to See My Latest Paintings

What I'm Reading

As I mentioned in my Spring 2015 newsletter, I’m all over the place with my reading. I start one book and then I hear about another author and I’m looking through my private library for the author to begin reading another book. I’m usually hoping to find that one book that will grab me by the throat and demand my attention so much so that I can’t put it down. A lot of Stephen King books are like that. But I think that can also be found in other kinds of novels besides horror.

I remember when I started reading E. Annie Proulx’s novel “The Shipping News.” I was so excited by her writing that I had to keep reading sections of the book to Jim. Once I finished reading it, he was so intoxicated by her writing that he read it also.  And then of course there is Michael Chabon’s “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay” which I have yet to finish. A most excellent writer, Chabon is on my short list to read his complete works.  

I love when a writer can draw me in with his words to the point where I wish I had such a strong command of the language that I could have that same affect on my readers. That is truly a gift and my goal, as a writer, to master.

Go to My Blog to See What I'm Currently Reading

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