Dec 2014 - Annual retreat to feature James K.A. Smith: Jan 23-25 2015
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Dear friends,

It's a busy season for journals, but remember that you always have the Collective behind you. We look forward to hearing you share your experiences with one another at our next annual retreat, from January 23-25 in Boston! Details on how to RSVP (by December 10) below.

As ever, we're thrilled to be partnering with you. We encourage you to continue offering your knowledge and support to one another as we strive to bring good news to our campuses.

God bless,
Andrew Schuman, Tim Norton, Inez Tan

News & Announcements

James K. A. Smith will be the keynote speaker for our upcoming retreat!

James K.A. SmithWe're thrilled to announce that James K. A. Smith will be our next keynote speaker! 

James K. A. Smith holds the Gary & Henrietta Byker Chair in Applied Reformed Theology & Worldview in Philosophy at Calvin College. Drawing from continental philosophy and informed by a long Augustinian tradition of theological cultural critique—from Augustine and Calvin to Edwards and Kuyper—his interests are in bringing critical thought to bear on the practices of the postmodern church and the church's witness to culture. Notable works include Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition, Desiring the Kingdom, Who's Afraid of Relativism?: Community, Contigency, and Creaturehood, and How (Not) to be Secular.

Retreat on Jan 23-25: RSVP by Dec 10!

Augustine Collective Retreat 2015
The next annual retreat will be on January 23-25 in Boston - now extended to two nights! We encourage you to bring as many students from your college as possible. Read what some students had to say about last year's retreat.

RSVPs are due by December 10. Your editor-in-chief has received information on how to RSVP, but if you have questions or if you haven't been contacted, please email

If you know of someone who might be interested in attending to learn about starting a journal on their campus, we'd love for you to put us in touch. Contact Andrew at


New articles from Fare Forward

Fare Forward
Check out these new articles from Fare Forward, a Christian review of ideas and cultural commentary founded by AC alumni: on institutions, House of Cards, and hard data and human beings.

Alumni profile: Emily DeBaun, Dartmouth College '12

Emily DeBaun, Dartmouth '12At Dartmouth, Emily DeBaun majored in Physics and minored in English, and was involved with Apologia all four years. After graduating, she worked for two years at a Boston-area healthcare consulting firm commercializing pharmaceutical and biotech products. More recently, she began graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering at Tufts University. She hopes to eventually work at the intersection of translational healthcare research and business. In her post-graduate life, Emily has appreciated the strong foundation Apologia provided for thinking critically about how faith informs all aspects of life – from workplace dynamics, to gentrification, to bioethics, to winters in the Northeast. She has also enjoyed opportunities to connect with a supportive network of likeminded individuals (and many Augustine Collective alums) as a writer and editor for Fare Forward.


Second Chances
Jessica Zou - Princeton Revisions
"How then can a Christian advocate punishment that never ends and a criminal background that never fades?"
Si Young Mah - The Williams Telos
Si Young Mah - The Williams Telos
Law, Craig, and Lewis on the Problem of Evil
Josh Tseng-Tham - The Dartmouth Apologia
"If an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good God exists, why does evil exist in the world?"
Emily Moenning - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Emily Moenning - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Smeared Mascara and Baby Steps
Pauline Goodson - Swarthmore Peripateo
"The years before I knew God, I would retaliate whenever my sister angered me."
Alli Livington - St. Olaf Avodah
Alli Livington - St. Olaf Avodah
Interview with Professor Jeffrey Reimer
Jonathan Chan and Chloe Ng - UC Berkeley TAUG
"I never had this angst of, 'Oh, I can’t be a scientist because it’s contrary to Christian faith,' or vice versa."
Natalie Shell - The Dartmouth Apologia
Natalie Shell - The Dartmouth Apologia
Radical Generosity: How Christians Fail
Peter Hickman - The Harvard Ichthus
"How can you call yourselves Christians yet have so much stuff?”
Siqi Cao - The Columbia Crown & Cross
Siqi Cao - The Columbia Crown & Cross
Leaving Space to Listen
Nathan Scalise - Swarthmore Peripateo
"When I listen to God, what I do is very similar to what I do before a jazz concert."
Katherine Tsen - UC Berkeley TAUG
Katherine Tsen - UC Berkeley TAUG
More articles at


"The claims of biblical religion just aren't taken seriously"

Jordan Hylden, founder of the Harvard Ichthus, on casting a vision for your journal:

"[Perhaps] you’re not quite sure how the Christian faith connects to the broader university, because for almost everyone there, the claims of biblical religion just aren’t taken seriously. You’re frustrated that the intellectual conversation you’d hoped for at college just isn’t happening, and saddened that so many of your teachers and friends have no idea what the Gospel really means. If your thinking is somewhere along those lines, then great! That’s what I felt like at college, and that’s why we started up our magazine, the Harvard Ichthus.

We wanted to create a space for young and thoughtful Christian students to do the hard (and exciting!) work of relating their faith to their lives in the modern academy, and to put them in conversation with people in the larger university, most of whom had never really been confronted before with Christianity. That’s what we did, and it made a difference. If you’re committed to this sort of vision, you can do it too." Continue reading » 
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