April 2016 - First West Coast Retreat; 2017 Boston Retreat dates; new journals at UMinnesota, Vanderbilt, MIT, and Johns Hopkins.
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The Augustine Collective

The Augustine Collective

West Coast Retreat

Dear friends,

The very first Augustine Collective West Coast Retreat was held in Cambria, CA from February 26th-27th, with over 20 students from the Claremont Colleges, University of California-Berkeley, CalPoly-San Luis Obispo, and Stanford University.

"[I came away with] lots of practical ideas for training new people and building a community where we have the conversations we want our journal to create,” wrote one student. Check out the highlights from the retreat!
God bless you, and thank you for your support!

 – The Augustine Collective Team

News & Announcements

Save the Date for the Next Boston Retreat: January 20-21, 2017

The next Augustine Collective Retreat will be held in Boston, January 20-21, 2017. Mark your calendar!

New Journals at University of Minnesota, Vanderbilt, MIT, and Johns Hopkins

Between Cities
Vanderbilt Synesis
MIT et Spiritus
The Hopkins Dialectic
Four new publications launched this spring - University of Minnesota's Between Cities, The Vanderbilt Synesis, MIT's et Spiritus, and The Hopkins Dialectic!

Look out for their first issues coming soon online, and join us in congratulations these students!

Augustine Collective Partners Sponsor 2016-2017 Contests

Veritas ForumFare ForwardAugustine Collective partners The Veritas Forum and Fare Forward sponsor 2016-2017 essay contests, both awarding a $300 prize to the author, plus $1000 to your school. All entries must be received by December 31, 2016.


Profile: Howard Chang, Claremont '13

Howard ChangHoward helped found The Claremont Ekklesia in 2013 and served as a writer and editor. A lifelong learner who tends to think deeply (and sometimes obsessively) about God, life, and questions of the Ultimate, he thoroughly enjoyed working with the Ekklesia community, an eclectic group of Christians from all walks of life.

Having majored in Molecular Biology and minored in Religious Studies at Pomona College, Howard has been interested in learning more about how science and thought inform and build upon one another in the quest to answer the question: "What does it mean to live well?" After graduating in 2014, Howard worked for a year as a medical scribe in a hectic emergency room, and he is currently employed as a research assistant at the City of Hope, where he assists in studies investigating health outcomes in patients being treated for cancer. He recently surrendered his childhood dream of becoming a physician and is entertaining a world of new possibilities in mental health care, where he believes his love for biology, religion, health, and life will synthesize nicely. 

Howard enjoys exploring new ideas and is happy to share his experiences working with an undergraduate journal of Christian thought. Contact him at howardachang@gmail.com.


The Thick Gospel is Like A Flower Blooming

Excerpted from "What Should I Write?", presented at the 2016 West Coast Retreat:

One of the problems I see for most of you – most of you were raised Christian – which means you just were naturally taught a lot of Christian ways of looking at the world. So you don’t actually always see the difference. But I became a Christian in college; I used to be an atheist, so it’s readily apparent to me that the gospel – as Andrew said – changes everything.

And one of the most influential things on my thinking after I became a Christian was this quote from Greg Ganssle. “The thin gospel: Jesus saves. The thick gospel: Jesus is Lord.”

The thick gospel is like a flower blooming! All facets unfold and touch every area of life. Jesus is Lord over school, money, time, relationships, philosophy, politics, business, art, literature, music, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, poetry, editing, design – everything – all.
–Jordan Monge


Where Power and Fear Collide
Jonathan Chen - UC Berkeley TAUG
"An estimated 60 to 90 million Evangelicals today ... comprise the largest single civil society group in China."


Anna Kang - UC Berkeley TAUG
Anna Kang - UC Berkeley TAUG
To Be the One Who is Near to Others
Michael Spezio - Claremont Ekklesia
"How do we know we are not acting out of love of our own reputation or out of fear of its loss?"
Design Team - Claremont Ekklesia
Design Team - Claremont Ekklesia
Social Justice and the Eucharistic Life
Monica Mikhail - UC Berkeley TAUG
"The early Church valued the poor, encouraged the rich to give and ... found worth in every individual whether or not they belonged to the Church."
Maddie Osgood - St Olaf Avodah
Maddie Osgood - St Olaf Avodah
Consistency and Subtlety
Amira Athanasios - Claremont Ekklesia
"Miss Scripps’ words capture the essence of a particular power – that of external beauty and aesthetics."
Kyle Obermann - St Olaf Avodah
Ludwig Feuerbach and the Invented God
Michael Bunke - University of Minnesota Between Cities
"It is in understanding Feuerbach that we are able to better understand the rationalizations against the existence of God used today."
Karlee Lillywhite - UC Berkeley TAUG
Karlee Lillywhite - UC Berkeley TAUG
Death and Darwinism: A Patristic Approach
Christopher Iacovetti - Wheaton Pub
"The Fall is what allows Christian theology to meaningfully draw a distinction between the world’s present state and its proper state."
Design Team - Claremont Ekklesia
Design Team - Claremont Ekklesia

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