October 2015 - From journals to community: James K.A. Smith
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Dear friends,

Professor and editor-in-chief of Comment James K.A. Smith recently hosted Best Practices for Editors, the second of six video conference sessions. As he emphasized in the past, magazines can build a community, and communities can change a culture. "Form a community that people would want to be a part of even if you weren't making a magazine," Smith said. 

Read the story, and keep an eye out for the next part in the series, coming soon!

God bless,
Andrew Schuman, Tim Norton, Inez Tan

News & Announcements

Upcoming Retreat: Jan 22-24, 2016

Augustine Collective
The next annual retreat will be held in Boston on January 22-24, 2016. We'll contact you soon with information on how to RSVP.

Essay Contest Open Through Dec 1

Fare ForwardFare Forward wants to read your essay on a culturally significant work of literature that reflects an openness to God, published in Spring or Fall 2015. $300 prize to the author, plus $1000 to your school. All entries must be received by December 1, 2015. View contest details.

Columbia Crown & Cross Launches Weekly Blog

"We chose the name Crosswords because we are seeking answers – sort of like solving a crossword puzzle," wrote the Editors-in-Chief of The Columbia Crown & Cross. "But unlike crossword puzzles in the newspaper, we are not trying to combine one-word answers or simple phrases for mere entertainment. Rather, we aim to connect ideas and sentiments that articulate Christian perspectives, and thus open up discussions related to our faith."

Check out their first post on whether it's valid for Christianity to focus on sin.

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Join a Fare Forward Reading Group!

Fare Forward

From September through December 2015, groups in five cities will have weekly discussions of articles from Fare Forward and historically significant Christian authors. If you're interested in joining a group - or if you're not in any of these areas, but still want to get involved - contact Hayden Kvamme.

Alumni profile: Ryan Stewart, Pomona '14

Ryan led the founding of The Claremont Ekklesia. His work cultivating a diverse community of thoughtful Christians with the Ekklesia inspired a lifelong passion to seek out difficult conversations about faith and thinking.

After graduating with a degree in Religious Studies, Ryan headed to Washington D.C. to work for Sojourners, a Christian social justice magazine and advocacy organization. There he lived for a year in intentional Christian community and wrote and edited for Sojourners’ online publication as a member of their yearlong internship program. (It pays, check it out!) Ryan recently accepted a position on staff at Sojourners, where he will oversee the growth of their online and print publications to new audiences.

Ryan enjoys learning about the work going on at AC journals, and would love to talk to anyone with professional or personal interest in the intersection of faith, justice, and thinking. Contact him at ryanmcstew@gmail.com.


How Christians Navigate College and Career
Brooke Dickens - The Harvard Ichthus
"I talked with six Christian seniors at Harvard [about how they] think about their faith, academics, and future careers."
Claremont Ekklesia
Design Team - Claremont Ekklesia
Abortion and Social Justice
Allen Huang - UC Berkeley TAUG
"Abortion is a foundational injustice that says no to the first of all human rights - the right to life."
Philip Trammell - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Philip Trammell - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
God in Mathematics and Philosophy: An Interview with John Lennox
Luke Dickens and Stephanie Liu - The Dartmouth Apologia
"The fact that we can do mathematics is very powerful evidence of God."
Queena Xu - UC Berkeley TAUG
Karlee Lillywhite - UC Berkeley TAUG
The Veracity of the Gospels
Titus Willis - The Columbia Crown & Cross
"One [problem] posited by skeptics is the inconsistency in certain parts of the Gospels."
Brittany Communale - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Brittany Communale - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
The Relevancy of Quakerism
Mary Chagawa - Claremont Ekklesia
"Simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, service and stewardship could not be more relevant to today’s oppressive, materialistic, and war-torn world."
Claremont Ekklesia
Design Team - Claremont Ekklesia
And He Began to Teach Them Many Things
Elizabeth Jean-Marie - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
"I got tossed in teaching business math at the men’s maximum security."
Anna Kang - UC Berkeley TAUG
Anna Kang - UC Berkeley TAUG
Against Work-As-Identity and Vocational "Calling"
Nathan Otey - The Harvard Ichthus
"High anxiety about future career prospects reflects a total lack of perspective on at least two levels."
Natalie Shell - The Dartmouth Apologia
Natalie Shell - The Dartmouth Apologia
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On Recruiting Writers and Staff

Excerpts from James K.A. Smith's video conference on best practices for editors:

Cast it as an invitation to join a movement, not just another organization. As the editor-in-chief, be the chief networker as well.

People like to be asked directly and specifically. You'll find this at church too.

I absolutely believe that there are people on your campus who are dreaming and longing to be part of what you're doing. We [editors] think there's something eternal at stake with what we're doing here; let's do it well, let's take it seriously."
-James K.A. Smith

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