February 2014
Dear friends and alumni,

As Christians in the academy and workplace, we seek to thoughtfully articulate how the gospel impacts every area of life. As creators of journals, we strive to express God's beauty and truth through our writing and art. And as a community, we gather to support and encourage one another, whether in person or online. Read on about what's happening in the Collective - and to newcomers, a very warm welcome!

News and Announcements

Augustine Collective Retreat 2014 - photo by David Ritter

Takeaways from Retreat 2014

This year’s retreat was held in Boston, MA from January 24th-25th. Over 100 students from 19 colleges attended to hear speakers Greg Ganssle (Yale University) and John Siniff (USA TODAY) discuss how the gospel touches all areas of life, from the academy to the workplace. (Full recap and photo gallery on our website.)

Here was one student's takeaway from the retreat:

"First, choose topics in such a way as to interest people on campus at large, and write in such a way as to engage them. Second, investigate topics that students are interested in and bring the Gospel into it. Third, writing this is a great honor and I am super psyched. There is an incredible amount of support and enthusiasm for these journals!" --Harvard '16

It's not too early to think about how next year's retreat can help your journal, particularly through transitions in leadership. See you in Boston in a year!

Were you at the retreat?

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Resources from this year's retreat

Here were some of this year's resources:

New members

This January, we welcomed Columbia University, Wellesley College, Black Students and Professionals (BSAP), and Middlebury College. Middlebury even won the award for best attendance at this year's retreat! Please keep them in prayer as they embark on the challenging and exciting work of starting a journal on their campus.

Prayer requests

  • Middlebury: Prayers for clear roles as we try to figure out how to get our journal started.
  • Bowdoin: For perseverance, and for campus access for the InterVarsity advisors to the Bowdoin Christian Fellowship).
  • Share yours! Email inez@augustinecollective.org.


Fare Forward

Fare Forward: Self and Other

Fare Forward, a Christian review of ideas started by alumni of The Dartmouth Apologia, published its sixth issue, "Self and Other". FF also blogs frequently at Patheos.

Enoch Kuo, Princeton '13

Enoch Kuo, Princeton '13Enoch Kuo majored in Religion and took the lead in re-founding Revisions, Princeton’s journal of Christian perspective, after it lapsed into inactivity in his freshman year. His time at Revisions has inspired him to continue working towards a vision of post-secular universities in which faith and learning work together in pluralistic environments where competing worldviews collide, and he intends to conduct further research in the historical, philosophical, and theological foundations of our institutions of higher learning. He has recently applied his experience with building Revisions’ web presence to start a new website, Gospel Worldview, for recent Christian graduates of Princeton University to blog about how their faith intersects with their work, in addition to writing for Fare Forward. He is currently working as a ministry intern at a community church in Cleveland, Ohio and applying for M.Div programs on the east coast.


The Problem of Good: Is Christianity Necessary?
Nathaniel Schmucker - The Dartmouth Apologia
"Just as people have taken the presence of evil as a reason to question the validity of Christianity, so also people have seen the presence of good as inconsistent with Christianity’s message."
Sam Guiterrez - Swarthmore Peripateo
Sam Guiterrez - Swarthmore Peripateo
Behold, I Stand at the Door
Quitterie Gounot - Swarthmore Peripateo
"I am sharing my story be­cause I want other religious victims or survivors of sexual as­sault to know they are not alone."
Justina Lee - Self
Justina Lee - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Behold, I Stand at the Door
Quitterie Gounot - Swarthmore Peripateo
"I am sharing my story be­cause I want other religious victims or survivors of sexual as­sault to know they are not alone."
Todd Hall - The Williams Telos
Todd Hall - The Williams Telos
Reflections of a Brown Derby
Russyan Mark Mabeza - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
"The Brown Derbies is an all-male a cappella group founded at Brown University in 1982. I am Derby #145."
Hyunsoo Kwon - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Hyunsoo Kwon - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Feminism and Christianity
Natalie Hejduk - Princeton Revisions
"It seemed that, as a Christian woman, I had a duty to dedicate myself entirely to family life. Other Christian women were perfectly ready to give up job for family."
Bethany Ho - The Claremont Ekklesia
Bethany Ho - The Claremont Ekklesia
A Religious Animal?
Stephen Mackareth - The Harvard Ichthus 
"How to understand the story of the Fall while accepting that death, too, was there from the beginning of life on earth?"
David Lim - UC Berkeley TAUG
David Lim - UC Berkeley TAUG
More articles at AugustineCollective.org


In Him All Things

Whether at school or work, whether in philosophy or politics or business or art or science, consider how all knowledge is God's knowledge and all truth is God's truth. "He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. He is before all things, and in him all things hold together" (Colossians 1:15-17).

Keep in touch! --The Augustine Collective
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