May 2017 - Updates on the Boston and West Coast 2017 Retreats, save the date for the next Boston Retreat, January 19-20 2018!
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The Augustine Collective

The Augustine Collective

West Coast Retreat 2017

Dear Student Leaders, Journal Alumni and Friends of the Augustine Collective,

With just a few days left in the 2016-2017 academic year (or for a few of you, the year in your rearview mirror already!) I wanted to reach out with an update on a tremendous year for the journals that are part of the Augustine Collective.
Among the most important things have happened 2016-2017 is the launch or reactivation/re-launch of journals at Williams College, Vanderbilt University, Washington University-St. Louis, Yale University, John Hopkins University, Middlebury College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and California Polytechnic State University. And a new journal is on its way to creation at the University of Vermont.
We are excited to see these journals get their start or in some cases, get reactivated!
Retreats – Boston and West Coast
More than 140 students from 18 colleges participated in the 9th annual Augustine Collective Retreat in Boston, MA this past January. Meeting to share the vision for their journals, and to hear keynote speaker Andy Crouch, immediate past editor of Christianity Today, students considered what opportunities their publications have to create culture. “We’re part of a movement much bigger than just our single publication on campus," wrote one student. Check out what other students had to say.
In March, 15 students from UC Berkeley TAUG and CalPoly Aletheia met for the 2nd annual Augustine Collective West Coast Retreat in Cambria, CA. Led by communication coordinator, Inez Tan, and regional coach, Ryan Stewart, students shared about their experience starting and sustaining their journals, and worked on plans for the future. TAUG has been publishing since 2008, and CalPoly launched their first issue last fall after attending last year’s retreat.
“I became excited by the vision of Christian journals: bringing the light of the gospel into the issues that grieve students on our campus," one student wrote. Check out what other students had to say.
Leadership Development
Last fall, 13 students participated in a leadership development pilot program that became the basis for a spring 2017 second pilot of this program. Content and discussion groups met by videoconference. Topics were centered around four sessions – Leading Yourself. Leading Others. Leading Your Journal. Leading for the Future. If you’re interested in participating in the fall 2017 Leadership Development program, please email Tim Norton at
Need Assistance Unpacking Theological Issues with Your Team?
Ever feel like it would be helpful to have a theologian available to help you think through theological issues facing your journal? We might have just the right resource to assist. Dr. Benjamin Pascut, a Cambridge University Ph.D., has offered to assist journals as you face tough issues related to Biblical interpretation, hermeneutics and, perhaps most importantly, application. For information on contacting Ben, send an email to
2018 National Retreat in Boston
SAVE THE DATE: January 19-21, 2018

Once again, we are beginning planning for our annual retreat – this will be our 10th annual retreat – to be held at the Boston Hyatt Regency, Boston, MA. Please save the date now, and ask your journal team members to do the same: January 19-21, 2018.
For this 10th annual retreat, we are hoping to have a strong contingent of journal alumni join us, and we will be planning a special workshop track just for you. For additional information on the retreat, please email
Have a Great Summer, and Keep in Touch
We hope you have a great summer, and that you come back renewed and ready to more deeply engage in the work of your journal this fall. And please stay in touch, as we’d love to know where you are, what you’re doing and how we can assist you as you lead or support your school’s journal of Christian thought.
You are in our prayers this summer!
 – Tim Norton, Co-Founder
Augustine Collective


New journal issues now online!

The Dartmouth Apologia
Brown & RISD Cornerstone
The Harvard Ichthus
MIT et Spiritus
Check out the latest issues from The Dartmouth Apologia, Brown & RISD Cornerstone, MIT et SpiritusThe Harvard Ichthus, UC Berkeley's TAUG, Swarthmore Peripateo, The Columbia Crown & Cross, Cornell Claritas, The Vanderbilt Synesis, The Hopkins Dialectic, and more!

UPenn launches first print issue of Locust Walk!

Students at University of Penn launched the first print issue of their journal, Locust Walk! Join us in congratulating them, and read their journal online!


Profile: Grace Ho Wang, UC Berkeley '10

When UC Berkeley's To An Unknown God was first founded, Grace joined the staff as a photographer, then later became a Managing Editor. She absolutely loved working on the journal: an experience that combined her passions for writing, art, design, publishing, and faith. Grace graduated with a degree in "Christianity in European Literature," a major she created herself and wrote a thesis on.
After college, she spent two years in Chicago getting a master's in Education from Northwestern University. She then returned to the Bay Area, started her teaching career, and married a wonderful man. She currently teaches English at Henry M. Gunn High School in Palo Alto, and she and her husband are expecting their first baby this year!
In her spare time, Grace likes to read, write, work on art, and serve at church. She still keeps in touch with To An Unknown God's current staff and provides additional support whenever they need it. Please feel free to reach out to talk about faith, teaching, marriage, or anything else; just ask the Augustine Collective for her email address.


The Manna of Human Rights
Aurora Ling - UC Berkeley TAUG
"This article will address the importance of having a theory behind human dignity in order to advocate for human rights."
Revisiting the Concept of Scientism
Anelise Powers - CalPoly Aletheia
Interview with Dr. Ian Hutchinson, Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
A Restorative Response to Injustice
Molly Richmond - Harvard Ichthus
"Do I meet injustice with indignation and retaliation, or is there another option?"
Theology of Terrorism: Exploring the Roots of Religious Violence
Joshua Tseng-Tham - Dartmouth Apologia
"If God commands X (e.g., murdering innocents), then, according to voluntarism, X is morally right."
In the Beginning, [Insert Name Here] Created the Heavens and the Earth
Collin English - Johns Hopkins Dialectic
"Only around 0.1 percent of scientists in the academic community still express belief in the young earth creationism."
James Xue - The Columbia Crown & Cross
James Xue - The Columbia Crown & Cross

More articles at

Ami Takei Yuen - UC Berkeley TAUG
Miranda Pickett and Jacqui Luis - CalPoly Aletheia
Maddie Osgood - St Olaf Avodah
Gloria Breck - The Middlebury Vine

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