April 2014
Dear friends and alumni,

Our journals have always been the fruit of community and collaboration. As Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 3:6, "I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow."

As the end of the semester approaches, have you considered who will be carrying on next year? Are you passing along your skills - in editing, layout, finances, or other aspects - while also mentoring a fellow believer? And alumni, do you know anyone at your alma mater who could use an encouraging word in this busy season?

News and Announcements

Augustine Collective Retreat 2014 - photo by David Ritter

Recap of Retreat 2014

"This is my third year attending, and every time I return to campus inspired and encouraged by my interactions with the other journals and speakers." --Dartmouth '15

If you missed it last time, view a recap of this year's retreat. We'll be announcing the 2015 dates soon!

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries New England Fellows Program Info

The program's goal is to encourage and equip Christians, and meaningfully engage non-Christians in a way that bolsters the intellectual credibility of the gospel. You might have met Alycia Wood or Nathan Rittenhouse at this year's AC retreat. They'd love to be in touch if you're interested in learning more about the fellows, or brainstorming possible events.


Fare Forward

Fare Forward Blogs on Patheos

Fare Forward, a Christian review of ideas started by alumni of The Dartmouth Apologia, has started blogging almost daily at Patheos. Recent articles by Augustine Collective alumni include Aronofsky's Noah, Five Books to Read in College, and The Theology of Breaking Bad

Sarah Clark, Dartmouth College '11

Sarah Clark, Dartmouth '11Sarah Clark (formerly Sarah White) majored in English and Russian Area Studies at Dartmouth College and was the Managing Editor of the Dartmouth Apologia for two years. In addition to helping her to think through integrating faith, reason, and vocation in daily life, the Apologia gave her a love for the magazine form—and some practical experience in magazines. That experience helped her to find a day job as the Managing Editor of Cityview, a local lifestyle magazine in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a founder and the Managing Editor of Fare Forward. In post-college life, it is all-too-easy to become disconnected from communities and liturgies of thoughtful evaluation of the world around us. For Sarah, Fare Forward been both a way of fostering community among friends new and old who share her belief that Christianity is the single worldview that can effectively explain everything we see in both the physical world and the spiritual, and a means of challenging her to form better habits of thought and practice in seeking to live faithfully where she is. She also volunteers for Knoxville’s homeless newspaper, The Amplifier, through Redeemer Church. She lives in Knoxville with her husband Charlie Clark, who is also an editor of Fare Forward and Editor-in-chief emeritus of the Apologia.


The Apostle Paul: Sexist or Pragmatist?
Colin Eckstein - The Claremont Ekklesia
"I hope to demonstrate that while egalitarianism was a struggle for the early Church, Christianity’s roots are by no means inherently chauvinistic."
Lydia Yamaguchi - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Lydia Yamaguchi - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Religious, but Not Spiritual
Michael Toy - Princeton Revisions
"True religion moves one beyond oneself to care for those in need."
Maxine Tu - The Claremont Ekklesia
Maxine Tu - The Claremont Ekklesia
Love in Spain
Christian Williams - The Yale Logos
"I knew one thing for sure: I was not one of those silly girls who ran off to a foreign country looking for love."
Madeleine Witt - The Yale Logos
Madeleine Witt - The Yale Logos
Love Pain
Joshua Joo - UC Berkeley TAUG
"If someone wrongs me, it is only fair I wrong them back. And yet, this is precisely why pain exists."
Karlee Lillywhite - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
Karlee Lillywhite - The Brown & RISD Cornerstone
On The Book of Mormon
Shaun Lim - The Harvard Ichthus
"The acclaimed Broadway musical provides a caricature of what religion might look like if it rested only upon its practices and not on the truth of the underlying story."
Angelina Lin - The Williams Telos
Angelina Lin - The Williams Telos
More articles at AugustineCollective.org


Sustaining a Journal

With the staff turnover rate as high as it is, maintaining a high quality publication on a college campus can be a challenge. To ease the process, several journals keep documentation of their processes, available on our website. Online guides include: How does your journal get passed down to the next generation? Let us know! --The Augustine Collective
Spread the word! Please forward this newsletter to your friends at other colleges, your church, and anyone who might be interested in the work of these student journals.

Interested in starting a journal on your campus? We'd love to be in touch! Also, check out our Resources page.

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