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April 2016
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Japan in a Word
珍道具 ちんどうぐ
"unuseless" inventions

Ever come up with ideas for inventions that are both useful and not useful at the same time? Learn about "unuseless" inventions, or chindogu, in this month's Japan in a Word.
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Learn Hiragana the
Fun Way
Looking for a fun way to study Japanese? 
Check out this site for a guide to learning hiragana using mnemonics. Soon ち (chi)
will look just like a man with no chin, ゆ (yu)
will appear to be a unique fish, and remembering all your hiragana will be an absolute breeze!
enjoy hiragana
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Happy Birthday J-Learner!
J-Learner is officially 3 years old! A big thanks are in order to every one of you for subscribing and reading our newsletter each month! If there's anything you want to see more of in the future, we'd love to hear from you - just shoot us an email at jnewsletter@jpf.org.au.
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Tadoku Nights in the Library
Reading is one of the best ways to power-up your Japanese skills. Join us in the Library to practise reading Japanese in a comfortable and relaxed environment at the next Nihongo Tadoku Night on 19 April (Tuesday). Free admission.
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