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May 2014
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Senseis' Voices 
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Introducing our new webpage for teachers, Senseis' Voices. This page has been created to expand on our J-Teacher articles and let you know in more detail what our language consultants have been up to around Australia. This month, we introduce the Art Speaks Japanese Language Resource Kit, ideas on teaching Japanese pronunciation, and learning dialogue through Manzai (stand up comedy) from the recent JLTAV Statewide Conference. Articles are in both English and Japanese. We hope you enjoy them! Tell us what you think at senseis@jpf.org.au.
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Enrich your classroom with our classroom resources page. A total of almost 200 resources, including games, skits, songs and other activities, are available for primary, junior secondary and senior secondary levels. Take a look and get lesson-planning!
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NSJLE Keynote
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NSJLE is pleased to announce keynote speakers Prof Kent Anderson, Pro-Vice Chancellor (International), University of Adelaide, and Prof David Nunan, Honorary Professor, University of New South Wales. NSJLE registrations close on June 10.
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Try Our Student
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Have some budding film-makers or artists in your class? Our Art Speaks Japanese and Video Matsuri competitions may be what your'e after. Entries close in August, and details are on our contests page. Not sure how to use them? Check out one teacher's testimonial about Art Speaks Japanese, new this month on our website.
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