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November 2013
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Intensive Seminars Over for 2013
Intensive Seminar 2013
Thank you to all 21 teachers who participated in our latest Intensive Seminar, held in early October. The jam-packed four-day event included sessions on teaching methods, plus language and cultural workshops by guest lecturers such as calligraphy artist, Ren. We hope participants enjoyed stepping into their students' shoes and even being assigned homework! Teachers and participants became a dynamic team, and we were touched by the final thank you message from the group. This was the last intensive seminar to be held in our current premises. We look forward to more in 2014 after settling into our new location. Keep an eye on this newsletter for details!
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Teacher Training Grants
Looking for professional development opportunities for 2014? If so, take a look at the Japan Foundation's teacher training grants. These grants give teachers the chance to engage in short- or long-term professional training and even tertiary study while living in Japan. Interested? Hurry! Applications close December 2. You'll find details of these and other school-related grants on our website.   
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Tug of War
Japanese Film for Schools
Are you in Melbourne and keen to get your students into Japanese film? If so, good news: tickets are still available for the school screening of Tug of War, as part of the Japanese Film Festival. For enquiries or bookings (up to 50 per school), contact coordinators@jpf.org.au. And to teachers in Brisbane, Perth and Canberra, thank you for making our screenings in your cities such a success. See you in the cinema next year!
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New Teacher Takatsuka
Minasama, konnichiwa. Takatsuka Naoko to moushimasu. I joined the Japan Foundation as a language consultant in late September. However, my relationship with Australia is a long one. As a high school student in Japan, my family hosted an Australian student for a month. Later, I studied at Monash University and taught Japanese in Victoria. I am still learning every day and hope to further contribute to Japanese language education in Australia, which has been so kind and encouraging to me.
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Resource of the Month
Introducing Let's Read Japanese, a two-volume set of graded readers just published in September this year. With language and vocab designed for A2-1-level learners, and helpfully including furigana, these readers are a great asset for teachers and students alike. The volumes feature five stories from Japan and beyond, each in a separate storybook format, which allow learners to explore cultural issues as they test their language skills. Now available at the Japan Foundation library.
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