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January 2014
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Gurus of the South-East Asia Region Unite
Indonesia seminar group photo
During the Christmas period, our language consultant Cathy Jonak was in Indonesia's Surabaya, representing Australia at a South-East Asian seminar on Japanese language education, and networking with fellow gurus (teachers) from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. At the seminar, she reported on recent develop- ments in Australia and found common ground, particularly regarding curriculum renewalShe was also impressed by the Lesson Study sessions, where teachers presented the results of their individual and collaborative classroom research. Indonesia now has the second-largest number of Japanese language learners worldwide after China (with Korea and Australia and in 3rd and 4th place, respectively), which means there is plenty to learn and share with our neighbour. Hopefully some gurus from this seminar will join our National Symposium (see below), where you too can hear about their ideas.
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Free Membership Top-Ups
As a thank you to our members for supporting us in the lead-up to our relocation, all memberships current at 1 February 2014 will be automatically extended by 1 year.  Get in quick and renew before the deadline for a FREE extra year.
Tearing the Mask
Tearing the Mask
A rare opportunity to delve into the world of Japanese performance, with FREE film screenings, panels, talks and demonstrations will take place at NIDA in Sydney between 10-15 February. Who could say Noh
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Present at NSJLE
National Symposium
Applications to present at the National Symposium
on Japanese Language Education (NSJLE) 2014
are being accepted until 28 February. Don't miss out! 
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Study in Japan
Tokyo Tower
Thinking of studying in Japan, and don’t know where to start? Check out the free Study in Japan Education Fair in Brisbane and Sydney on 15 and 16 of February. 
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Plan your Year
An official flyer outlining key dates and information about our 2014 programs will reach your desk or pigeon hole in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out!
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