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May 2013
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Evangelion Art Exhibition
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Calling all pop culture geeks! The Sydney leg of the Evangelion Art Exhibition tour opens in the Japan Foundation Gallery today, showcasing artworks from the cult anime and film series Neon Genesis Evangelion. Fans can also pick up exclusive merchandise, available for the first time outside of Japan thanks to Madman. Thanks to everyone who booked for Saturday's Q&A talk event (booked out!) and auditioned for the voice-acting workshop with voice actress Yuko Miyamura - we're looking forward to seeing you all here soon! After Sydney (May 10-18), the exhibition will stop in Melbourne (May 27 - June 9) before heading on to France.
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Scissors + Paper
Kirigami close-up
Literally meaning "cut paper", kirigami is an artform that uses simple tools and techniques to create mesmerisingly intricate forms. Keep an eye on our website for info on our upcoming kirigami exhibition.
When: May 30 - June 28.
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Natori Shunsen woodblock print
Connect with Japan across Australia! This month, catch an ukiyo-e exhibition in Rockhampton or Shepparton, hear a shakuhachi recital or a string quartet performance in Melbourne, and check out traditional textiles or emerging artists in Sydney.
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DVD Giveaway
Evangelion DVD
Can't wait to see Evangelion 3.0 at Reel Anime 2013? Appease the hunger with Evangelion 1.11 & 2.22! Thanks to Madman, we have 5 DVD/Blu-ray packs of these films to give away. Email jnewsletter@jpf.org.au with your name, address and your choice of either Blu-ray or DVD.
Library News
& Reviews
Our library reviews have always been a favourite in our newsletters! This month, we focus on new DVDs in the library collection. Find out about our new 33-volume Kabuki DVD set and a creative documentary by a locally based Japanese artist.
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Volunteer of the Month
V for Volunteer
This month’s star is Ayako Muramatsu! A newcomer to our Volunteer program, Ayako's passion for cross-cultural exchange shone through in her can-do enthusiasm, which helped create a friendly atmosphere for visitors in the recent Parallel Nippon exhibition. Thank you Ayako! It was a pleasure to have you on board!
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L for Library
Heading to our library?
Our opening days vary slightly from month to month, so make sure you take a look at our calendar before you drop by.
Not a library member yet? Join anytime (it's free!) for access to over 20,000 titles including manga and DVDs.
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