Don't miss your chance to visit the garden in all its glory!

There are only 20 days left to visit - why not plan a trip to see the garden in all its glory yourself? With all of our grounds to explore, as well as the cafe and plant centre, it's a great day out for all the family. You can find all of our visitor information on the website, here.

Are Trewithen’s red squirrels nesting?

Trewithen Gardens' two female red squirrels might be preparing to have babies. If they do, it will be the second year in a row and a huge boost for the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project.

Over the last few weeks they've been spending more and more time in their nesting boxes and, on the rare occasions they have come out, they look fuller round the middle. Experts say these are good signs.

Red squirrels are one of the most threatened mammals in the UK. They are out-competed by their grey cousins for food and habitat and are also at risk of the fatal small pox disease, which is carried by the greys. As a result of the incursion of grey squirrels, reds were officially declared extinct in Cornwall in 1984. With the help of the Trewithen squirrels that status looks set to change.

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A rare chance to see Trewithen’s ‘secret’ garden

Trewithen's elegant walled garden will be open to the public for the last week in June.

Normally used just by the Galsworthy family who have owned the estate for the last 300 years, it's a rare opportunity to experience this horticultural gem at its best.

A central path runs through the garden from the family's entrance in the east wall. 

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Plant of the month for June is...

Paulownia tomentosa (The Foxglove Tree)

A Chinese native, but introduced via Japan in 1834 and grown for either its flowers or foliage. If growing for flowers site in a sheltered frost free spot and let it grow. The flowers develop in the summer and providing there is a frost free winter, will flower from late May into June.

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