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Our garden is closed until the 1st March 2015, but you can still come and visit the Nursery. It's open all year round, with some very special plants and shrubs for sale. 

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Our squirrel babies have flown the nest

The goal of reintroducing native red squirrels to Cornwall took a leap in the right direction last week when two kits born at Trewithen Garden last summer were moved to new locations in the county.
The youngsters, one male, one female, were collected from the enclosure they have shared with their parents since birth by keepers from Paradise Park in Hayle. Paradise Park has been breeding red squirrels for 17 years as part of the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project.
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We've had an energy efficient, environmentally responsible makeover

The installation of solar panels and a biomass boiler will save money and protect the planet.
The solar panels on the roof of the farm buildings are already producing enough power to supply some of the electricity for the house, the cottage and the estate’s offices. Before the panels were installed the estate used 330 units a day. This winter that figure has been reduced to 200 units and during the summer it was just 95 units.

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February's plant of the month is...

Camellia japonica 'Akashigata' syn C.j.'Lady Clare'

From Japan in 1859. An old but very reliable variety. Named 'Lady Clare' when first imported from Belgium but has now reverted back to its japanese original name.

The deep rose semi-double flowers emerge from large buds and last for weeks, very tolerant of the weather. The glossy dark green foliage is as much of a feature when choosing this plant as are the flowers.

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