True Dungeon:  New Event in April - Celebrating 15 Years of TD!
Walker's Bluff Resort
April 21st - 22nd, 2017
Carbondale, IL


Celebrate 15 years of TD in April!

This year we will be presenting our 15th True Dungeon event at Gen Con, and to celebrate this occasion we are having a special weekend of fun in southern Illinois, near TD HQ.  The event will feature a full two-hour TD adventure, a massive "30 players verses one monster" event, a special event for big token buyers, and much more.  The highlights planned thus far are:

"Beneath Castle Altus" : (Cost - only $25/ticket)  We are presenting a "best rooms from the past" two-hour adventure from some of our favorite rooms from TD's 15-year past.  Players must venture into the sewers beneath Castle Altus to secure a relic deep within a guarded vault.  

True Horde:  (Cost - $15) This brand new event features 30 players going up against a mega-monster in hopes of destroying it before it can unleash its fury upon the city.

Patron VIP Event: (Cost: special)  In order to thank our big token buyers, we are presenting some amazing activities for them to enjoy.  It starts with a catered lunch, followed by a TD-lite outdoor adventure, and ends with a tour of TD's workshop where an actual puzzle will be brainstormed and constructed.  More info is available in the Patron section HERE.

Badge Registration: Opens at Noon CST on Jan. 5th. Badge Registration closes 6pm CST on April 2nd, 2017.

Event Tickets: These will go on sale at 6:00pm CST on Sunday, January 22nd. Event registration closes 6pm CST on April 2nd, 2017.

NOTE: Patron level supporters will have access to the event tickets at 6:00pm CST on Wednesday, January 18th.

CLICK HERE for more information about True Dungeon Celebration.

Volunteer for True Dungeon Celebration

We have a very limited number of full-time volunteer spots available for veteran volunteers at True Dungeon Celebration.  CLICK HERE to get more info and to sign up.  The deadline to volunteer is soon -- January 15th!

Deadline for Pre-Order Tokens is Jan. 20th

The shipment of the 2017 Token Collection has left the factory, and the tokens are schedule to arrive at TD HQ and be shipped to collectors in February.  The deadline to pre-order tokens (and select Condensed Packs) is Sunday, January 20th.  

Place your pre-order now by CLICKING HERE.


We offer a FREE 2017 Treasure Chip to anyone who pre-orders a $250 pack, and SIX Treasure Coins for each $1K in pre-orders.  These will automatically be added to your order when it is shipped in February.  These Chips can be redeemed at any TD event for a draw from a Random Treasure Generator.

Also, keep in mind that we have even more token fun for collectors.  Evenly distributed among the 2017 Token Collection are 40 Golden Ticket tokens, so everyone who orders tokens has a chance to randomly find a Golden Ticket token.  There are some great benefits to possessing a Golden Ticket token -- as well as some nice loot.  More info can be found HERE.

CLICK HERE to pre-order your tokens now.

Jeff Martin

Executive Director
True Dungeon
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