IHealth News for Medical Staff
Issue No. 1

Welcome to the first edition of IHealth News for Medical Staff.

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This regular newsletter will update you on the latest news and “go-live” activities, connect you to IHealth supports and Medical Staff Leads, bring perspectives, tips and learnings from Colleagues – all with the shared goal of a successful transition to using Electronic Health Records across Island Health.
Thank you for your effort, engagement and patience as we make this transition together. IHealth is an important part of our ongoing work to improve safety, quality, consistency and the experience of care – and the experience of providing care – for the people we serve and the professionals who make it possible every day.

Drs. Brian Mc Ardle and Hayley Bos
Site Chiefs

It’s time for the final Medical Staff readiness assessment survey before go-live in September at RJH and October at VGH. Your feedback is valuable, and helps guide our focused preparation for the transition to electronic Clinical Documentation at both sites.

Click on this link to access the survey, which takes about 5 minutes to complete. We need YOUR input (even those who completed the first readiness survey).
A total of 94 Medical Staff members completed the first readiness survey in July. Full results here. 

The tip of the day is based on the most common questions asked by Medical Staff.

Today’s question: Where do I find nursing documented information?
Tip: Under Clinical Assessments, see visual below.
Do you have a tip you would like to share with other Medical Staff? Please send your tips to ihealthclindocproject@viha.ca and we will share them in an upcoming edition of IHealth News for Medical Staff.
On-site and remote support is available to help you learn the new system and become more proficient using electronic Clinical Documentation.

Call 1.877.755.7001 (Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 16:00)

Technical After Hours & 24/7 Support
Call 1.250.377.8777 or 18777
Clinical Applications: 18777 Option 3
Password reset and all technical issues: 18777 Option 1 & 2

As we approach go-live, on-site support will be intensified and expanded, stay tuned for details in future issues of this newsletter.
These comments are collected directly from physicians through support encounters with Provider Experience and Education (ProEx) colleagues, or in free-text comments submitted through the readiness survey. This feedback directly informs adjustments in our approach to more effectively support Medical Staff through this change.
“I was a bit skeptical at first. Now using ClinDoc, Cerner auto text has reduced administrative time on notes significantly.”
“I need hands-on training. The virtual session was inadequate.”
“This will just take time to become familiar enough with the changed documentation templates for it to be quick and easy.”
“I couldn’t get the Dragon mic to work.”
"I think its important to also inform patients and their families about the change to fully online documentation as I have had family members comment on how often [care providers] are on computers and how it makes them uncomfortable."
Comments or questions, or to register for training: ihealthclindocproject@viha.ca
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