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Trails Utah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to trails planning, funding, sustainable design and construction, and advocacy in needed areas throughout Utah. We seek to connect, steward and celebrate our communities and Utah's natural spaces.

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Trail Updates

What's new with our trails, and with Trails Utah?

We here at Trails Utah hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and that the new year brings good things to you and your loved ones.


We are pleased to announce our "All Things Trails" resource list. Find links to the many trail organizations, alliances, foundations, clubs, apps & even some events that are dedicated to trails in Utah. Learning about trails has never been easier!


New Trail Projects

Rim to River Trail

Trails Utah is working with a private land owner in Washington County to create a public access trail from the canyon rim down to the river in Confluence Park. This trail will start next to the popular River Rock Roasting Company. Find out more about this project.

Silver Lake Trail
Trails Utah has developed a partnership with US Forest Service and Salt Lake County to completely revamp the Silver Lake Loop Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon, in Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Find out more about this project.

Trails In Progress

Nung 'wu Poa Trail - Phase II
Trails Utah is helping build a new approximately 2.5-mile multi-use trail in partnership with Town of Springdale, the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah and Trail Alliance of Southern Utah. We have hired a trail building contractor and Town of Springdale continues to work with the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah on final alignment, interpretive signs, signage, etc. The project has been bumped up on Town of Springdale's priority list. They are currently working on flagging the route and we are awaiting approval from Town of Springdale to start construction early next spring. This is a team effort and we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting trail project! Supporter of the project include Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, Town of Springdale, and YOU! Find out more about this trail.

Grandeur Peak Section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST)

Trails Utah is completing the construction of a section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Ferguson Canyon trailhead with support from the US Forest Service, Salt Lake Ranger District, and the Central Wasatch Commission. Trail construction has ended for the season with approximately 25% of the 2-mile trail project completed. This lower section was the most challenging part of the project with significant rock outcrops to jackhammer through to create the four-foot wide solid bench-cut trail. We regret the construction delay was caused partly by our trail builder sustaining a broken foot while on the job; however this new section of Bonneville Shoreline Trail is slated for completion in 2023. Help us complete this project by making a donation to Trails Utah. Thank you! See a map and more info.

Ferguson Canyon BST Connector 
Our contractor - Nature Trails - is on the job making a new section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail between Ferguson Canyon trailhead and Dogwood picnic area in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Find out more.

Trails AxS (Access) Project:  Millcreek Canyon - Phase I
Trails Utah is working with Wasatch Adaptive Sports, National Ability Center, board member and adaptive rider Wally Lee, and the US Forest Service (USFS) on a project modifying existing trails to increase accessibility for hand-cyclists and adaptive runners. Trails Utah and our partners have completed a detailed walk/ride-through of our designated trails to record imagery and needed modifications. We are currently working on next steps with USFS. New trail-building methods often make trails wide enough for hand-cycles; however, the vast majority of trails in the Wasatch were built before these new methods were instituted. We are truly excited about this collaboration and look forward to making our trails available to a wider segment of the community. We're getting started in Millcreek Canyon in early 2023. Financial support so far comes from Maverik / The Call Foundation, Sorenson Legacy Foundation, George S. & Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, and Walmart Community Grant. Big thanks to all of those entities for helping bring this project to life. We are currently seeking additional financial support to carry out these modifications. Find out more about this project.

Spring Hollow Trail System - Pine Valley Ranger District

Trail builders are hard at work, focused on building this trail as long as weather allows for the remainder of this year. We are hoping to wrap up Phase I by May 2023. Approximately 15 miles of trail have been cut and we are putting finishing touches on the NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) course. Both Phase I and II of this multi-year project have been made possible with grants from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, the Trails Alliance of Southern Utah, and Washington County. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with these partners and the Pine Valley Ranger District of the Dixie National Forest to make this project happen.

In total, when complete, this system will include two trail networks and four trailheads. Phases 1-3 will include the main trailhead, dispersed camping area, and a NICA pit zone and parking area. Design work was done by Trails Utah board member and Trail Alliance of Southern Utah (TASU) President, Kevin Christopherson. Supporters include Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, Washington County and Trail Alliance of Southern Utah. This new trail system will have adaptive accessibility incorporated into the building process. Surface Trails is doing the construction. The trail is not open and will likely not be completed and open until at least mid-2023. We kindly ask that you please not go to the site until the trail is open! Find out more and donate here. 

Herriman Hills Trail System
In 2020 / 21, Trails Utah, Herriman City and Herriman Hills Trails Alliance completed several trails in the Herriman Hills, including the Hardlick Downhill Trail, the Rawhide Trail and the MoJo Trail, consisting of approximately 3.5 total trail miles. In 2023 we are planning to expand upon this system and build two new trail sections - a new 1-mile section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and a new 1-mile hiking-only loop. Trails Utah is currently in the fundraising stage. Find out more and make a donation to support this project!

Foothills Trail System
In October, the Park Rangers added the Foothills trail system to the many areas they are present throughout the City. Foothills Rangers will serve as friendly, uniformed stewards promoting voluntary compliance through educating trail users of trail policies and etiquette. 

All trail construction for this project has been delayed until 2023. Salt Lake City is undertaking an environmental evaluation (cultural, land, plant and wildlife, scenic impacts) led by a local firm, SWCA. They have now hired a Trail Design specialist to do a deeper evaluation of existing trails, recently constructed trails, and the trails plan itself. They will also add an addendum to the trails plan to include a trail maintenance plan and alignment and timing recommendations. They anticipate this work to be completed in the spring of 2023 and are working to develop plans for and implement at least five trailheads along the foothills. The selected firm's consultation will run through summer 2023, with the possibility of Phase II being implemented as early as fall 2023 or 2024. If you are interested in the progress of the Foothill Trails Plan implementation and want to voice support for sustainble trail construction, please reach out to Salt Lake City Trails Alliance. 

We love engaging with our communities - meeting new people, listening to their ideas, sharing what Trails Utah is all about, and learning. One way we do this is by participating in events. Community events and state and national conferences are wonderful opportunities to do just that.

This year, we participated in several events and conferences:
- Brighton Days
- 3 Cirque Series (trail foot races) events
- 3 NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) races
- Utah Trails Forum (we presented as well)
- Utah Outdoor Summit

In 2023, we plan on presenting at:
  • Utah Trails Forum
  • Utah Outdoor Summit
  • International Trails Conference (Reno, NV)
We would love to hear what trails YOU would like to see in Utah. Please send your ideas and/or any feedback to


Policy, Advocacy, Stewardship & Sustainability

Trails provide us with many benefits - health, community, connection with the natural world, economic strength, and so much more. A lot goes into the realization, maintenance and advocacy of sustainable trails: policies and planning, stakeholder buy-in, fundraising, awareness and education, and stewardship of our trails. Trails Utah is dedicated to this entire process. A team effort is ever more necessary as populations grow and trail use increases. We hope you will support Trails Utah and our trail partners in these efforts!

SLC Parks Trails & Open Space Bond: A Huge Success!  
Outdoor access is in high demand! 71% of active SLC voters supported the $85million Parks, Trails & Open Space general obligation bond. This is a monumental occasion and a generational investment in public lands in Utah. When public input was requested for the “Reimagine Nature Master Plan”, over 12,000 residents made it clear that they wanted to see significant investment in outdoor spaces. Not a single argument against the ballot proposition was submitted. Post-pandemic park usage has increased by 43% while post-pandemic trail usage has increased by 41%. With 70% of residents using a green space at least monthly and with 13,000 new residents as of the 2020 census, this investment will help meet the ever-growing demand for access to green spaces. Read more here.


onX & Outdoor Alliance Partner Up to Protect Public Lands

onX & Outdoor Alliance have created a data partnership to protect public land access. Chances are that you’ve heard of onX’s ‘Adventure Project’ apps like the MTB Project or Hiking Project. These apps provide updates on tens of thousands of trails & routes, including trail status, and user reviews. By sharing recreation data with the Outdoor Alliance, onX is helping to identify public lands that are of exceptional recreational value. As a sponsor partner of Trails Utah, onX is offering new Trails Utah members a 20% discount on their onX app purchase. Check out this amazing member perk by clicking on “Get Involved” on our website. Read the full details about this amazing partnership

Accessible Recreation Webinar
Check out Utah Trails Forum's excellent webinar, "Accessible Recreation beyond ADA" here. This thorough and educational video features staff from National Ability Center, Wasatch Adaptive Sports, the TRAILS program at University of Utah, Creative Trails, and our very own Trails Utah board member, Wally Lee.

Adaptive Equipment Grants
Whether an ORHC (offroad hand cycle) or prosthesis, adaptive equipment is expensive and often not covered by health insurance. Here are a few great resources for grants to help you cover these expenses:
- Challenged Athletes -
- High Fives Foundation -

Free & Low-Cost Refurbished Bikes!
If buying a bike is beyond of your budgetary limits, check out the Bicycle Collective, with locations in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and St George. The mission of the Bicycle Collective is to promote cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation and recreation, and a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. They provide refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community focusing on children and lower income households.

Trail Master Planning Continues for the Central Wasatch
Trails Utah has been actively participating in trail master planning efforts with US Forest Service, Salt Lake City Watershed, and Salt Lake County. We are working to ensure that these plans dovetail and reference concurrent planning efforts. The Central Wasatch Commission Trails Committee continues to monitor progress in these endeavors.


American Hiking Society (AHS) - 2023 Crew Leader Training Program
Across the country, the average age of trail maintenance crews and leaders is trending upward. Unless we act now to recruit and train the next generation of crew leaders, the $3.3 million in volunteer labor that AHS puts into trails each year will start to dwindle away. AHS is working to design an innovative new Crew Leader Training Program for 2023 that will recruit 20 passionate NextGen volunteers and provide a one-week immersive training course with expert instruction and resources to bolster trail leadership into the future.  Recruiting leaders and providing them with expert training and resources takes significant additional investment. Visit American Hiking Society to find out more.

Volunteer with the US Forest Service
The Forest Service has initiated an "Adopt-a-Trail" program. "The first trails in this country were game and Indian routes, which were later used by explorers, trappers, cattlemen, and farmers. These trails were kept open by outdoorsmen until a few decades ago when Forest Service trail crews began to do more and more of the work. The Spanish Fork Ranger District currently has over 300 miles of maintained system trails". The Forest Service invites you to join them in maintaining these important routes. You can help by "adopting" your favorite trail in the Forest Service and taking responsibility for its upkeep. 

Sustainable Trails
Doing it Right the First Time
Check out American Trails informative article on Sustainable Trails. A lot of thought and planning needs to go into building a trail properly, and much of that centers around how water might impact the sustainability of the trail over time. This article gives a great overview of just how important proper trail design is.  

National Sustainable Trail System Strategy
Did you know that a National Strategy for a Sustainable Trail System was announced back in 2018? This strategy builds on the many examples from across the country where the Forest Service, its partners, and the greater trails community have successfully embraced a community-driven and locally sustainable trail system model. Read more about the strategy here.

   Trails Rx

The physical health benefits of getting out for a walk, hike, or a bike ride, even if it is for only 30 minutes a day, is well-documented and astonishing. It includes much more than better cardiovascular and muscle fitness; increased metabolism for weight loss, improved digestion, and better sleep quality are some of the other benefits that provide significant positive impacts for long-term health. In our Trails Rx section, we will explore how trails improve health.

Benefits of Recreating Outdoors
The Washington State Recreation & Conservation Office published an excellent report on the health (& economic) benefits of recreating on outdoor trails. Of course those benefits aren't limited to the state of Washington! Insights can be drawn into similar benefits of trail use in Utah and beyond. Have a look to see the many insights they discovered during their investigation.

Become a Member or Donate!

Trails Are Free to Use Right?!
Luckily for us, that is still mostly true. But they aren’t free to build. It costs $5-$10/foot to build a dirt surface trail. That’s PER FOOT! Join us in giving back to support the trails you love. You’ll earn it back with every step you take in our great outdoors! Give a little or a lot and we will put your dollars to work building sustainable state-of-the-art trails in your community and around Utah. And get some great swag, too! 

New Donor Perks !

1 Be one of the first six donors to give $500 or more to Trails Utah and receive a $100 gift card from Pronghorn Bicycles, founded to provide honest & transparent bicycle sales, an experienced service shop for all bikes & e-bikes, and to hook up their customers with the best independent bike brands at the lowest possible prices.

2 Give at the $150 level or higher and you will get one of our custom-made ceramic mugs, with our Trails Utah logo on one side and a trail on the other. These mugs were hand-made by Kim Hall at Alpine Earthworks, based right here in Salt Lake City. Quantities are limited, so make your donation soon!

3 And for anyone donating at the $50 level and higher by the end of the year, you will be entered into a drawing for a $150 gift certificate from Salt Lake Running Company!

2023 Is Shaping Up to Be an Awesome Year!
Six Pack of Peaks Utah
All of 2023
The Utah Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge is a self-paced hiking and trail running challenge up six iconic mountains easily reached from Salt Lake City. You choose whether you want to complete them in six days, six weeks, or take the entire year. Set the schedule that works best for you. You can climb them in order as you build your strength and endurance, or mix it up. The choice is yours. Your registration will help support Big City Mountaineers, so you'll be doing good for others with each peak you climb.

Avalanche Awareness! Know Before You Go!!
Various Locations & Dates
Avalanche Awareness week kicked off in early December and with that began the 'Know Before You Go' free avalanche awareness program. Not much science, no warnings to stay out of the mountains, and no formulas to memorize. The one hour presentation displays the destructive power of avalanches, helps people understand when and why they happen, and how they can have fun in the mountains and avoid avalanches. With over 26 sessions offered in locations across Utah, avalanche awareness is more accessible than ever. Find out more and sign up here.

  Get Out & Play with Trail Sisters SLC
Various Events & Locations

Looking to meet a new friend or try something new! There are so many great things to do in our beautiful Wasatch! Join Trail Sisters SLC private Facebook group to join one of the many events they host! Find out more here.

Trail Runs in Utah - 2023
Looking for a comprehensive list of trail races in Utah? Running in the USA has compiled a comprehensive list of upcoming Utah trail runs for 2023! Or check out this list made by Backcountry runner. Either way - we're pretty sure these runs have you covered!

  BigFoot Snowshoe Festival
Sunday, January 29, 2023
Midway, UT

Go ahead ... you can do it ... yea that's right ... sign up for the only ultra 50K Snowshoe race in the country!!! Or if that sounds like a bit much there is a distance for everybody in the whole family from a marathon on down to a 25K a 10K and a 5K! If you love to run then you will love to do this. Snowshoes are available on race day at the visitors center where we start and finish the events. and BYU Outdoor Rental and REI. Find out more and register.
Oquirrh Ultra Challenge (O.U.Ch)
Saturday, Feb 11th
FREE Event

This event is a fundraiser for the Oquirrh Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of public spaces within the Oquirrh mountains. As many already know, the Oquirrh range has a very unique human footprint on it and is one of the few mountain ranges in Utah that has absolutely no Forest Service. As the valley is filling up and West bench development is increasing at an exponential rate, it is crucial that we preserve as much of this range as possible for public use while we can. Right now, The Oquirrh Foundation is the only organization that is solely focused on the creation and preservation of public spaces within this mountain range. Please come and support the cause! Sign up for more info and updates.

Kyhv Peak (formerly known as Squaw Peak) 50 Mile Trail Run
June 10, 2023
Provo, UT
Registration is now open for Utah's favorite and oldest 50 miler. This 50 mile trail run on June 10th 2023. This will be our 27th year. Don't miss out on all the fun and why not bring a friend to experience this beautiful course. It has all that makes this run an incredible day! Find out more and register here.

  OAX - Outdoor Adventure X - Festival
June 17-18, 2023
Snowbasin Resort, Huntsville, UT

Outdoor Adventure X is a celebration of the outdoors, adventure travel and the active lifestyle. Shop for gear and test the latest mountain bikes, kayaks, climbing equipment, and more. Then join us for classes, workshops and roundtable discussions hosted by wilderness experts, around-the-world travelers, athletes, and other top adventure pros. Find out more.

  The NUT - 2nd Annual Northern Utah Trailfest
October 6-8, 2023
Ogden, UT
Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU) has announced dates for their 2023 The NUT Fest, a new annual trail festival in Ogden. Registration opens February 7, 2023. Keep up to date on developments on TFNUs Facebook page.


Other Trail News

News from our trail partners

  Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation Hires New Director
Utah has named a new director of its Division of Outdoor Recreation, handing over the reins of an industry that expanded more than 27% last year to more than $6.1 billion in economic output. Jason Curry, a former deputy director with the Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands from Bountiful, is set to take over just as a new federal report showed a booming increase in the economic importance of outdoor recreation, with the industry now responsible for nearly 70,000 jobs statewide, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. Find out more.
Updates from Trail Alliance of Southern Utah (TASU)
TASU has been helping the Kanab Cycling Club build the new Tilted Mesa Trail, 17 miles of awesome Mesa trails and 5ish miles from Kanab on BLM land. They have been working towards this for 2 years, have a Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation grant and the trail is going to be built mostly with volunteers. They all deserve a ton of credit for all the hard work put into this project. It’s going to be a great addition to the community. If you’re interested in helping with the build, follow the Kanab Cycling Club on Facebook and reach out! Keep up with TASU on Facebook or Instagram.

Fat Bike Utah! Hot Off the Press!
Are you into Fat Biking? Looking for trail recommendations, reviews, condition updates, trailhead & parking info and such? Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out - this resource is incredible. Shout-out to Keith Payne & David Cap for putting innumerable hours into creating The Definitive Locals Guide to Fat Biking Utah! 

Updates from Cycling Utah
Cycling Utah has announced that the Navajo Nation has been working on a project that would convert the old Black Mesa Coal Mine rail into a new multi-use trail, spanning 60 - 80 miles throughout the Navajo Reservation. As of May, the Navajo Nation had 34 trails, counting those in development. This new multi-use trail is expected to boost the local economy by increasing traffic and tourism. Read more here.

 Updates from Mountain Trails Foundation (Summit County)
This past trails season was Mountain Trails' most successful season to date, with their team completing 6 major projects and nearly finishing two others. “Directional” & “Purpose-Built” were the overriding themes, with all trails except for one being directional in nature, and each designed with a purpose. Their general maintenance program included reroutes, drainage work, dead-fall removal, and the clearing of many miles of thick vegetation. MTF also does a fantastic job of posting trail reports for your riding/gliding/playing pleasure. Get daily updates on their website or follow them on Facebook.
Updates from Lake Mountain Trails Association (LMTA)

The property is being fenced off in order for the owner to run some horses in the property. It will be completely fenced and closed. this will affect two trails:

1. Nirvana - the small connector section between the bottom of turtle hill up to the top of the hill where you head down to the road, is now closed. You can no longer ride this. We will have to look to an alternate route around the property to connect the two sections of Nirvana.

2. Downward Spiral - the black trail coming down off of turtle hill - the very end is cut off. However, we can re-route this pretty easily and will look to do this as soon as fencing is completed.

LMTA hopes they can work out a way to re-route everything and continue to enjoy the area for a lot longer. Thankfully this is a loss of just a few hundred feet of trail and there are options. Please be respectful of the owner and the fence. LMTA wants to be a good partner and show land owners in the area they can work peacefully and respectfully with those partners. Keep updated on Lake Mountain Trails Association's work.

  A Message from Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU)
TFNU has seen an increase in calls regarding motorized bikes and motorcycles on the trails and want to let you know that they hear you. They have been in contact with both the city and the county to see how best to approach this topic. As of today, the only guidelines for the area are listed on the TFNU website. Motorcycles are NOT allowed on any city side public trails. However, they ARE allowed on the Skyline Trail, which is on US Forest Service land. Please remember that it's about the trails and we want everyone to have a good, enjoyable experience while out using them. TFNU will update their website as They come across any additional information.

  Utah Valley Trails Alliance - Seasonal Trail Closures
It's that time of year! From December 1 to April 15, all trails in the Timpanogos WMA above the BST are closed to protect this crucial big game winter habitat. The BST, race course area, and surrounding National Forest remain open. Follow UVTA on Facebook to get regular updates

  Updates from Wasatch Trails Foundation
Want to ride in the winter? Join Wasatch Trails Foundation for a weekly fat bike night ride or follow them online to get regular trail updates on conditions and closures. Find out what's happening with Wasatch Trails Foundation.
  Updates from South Summit Trails Foundation
South Summit Trails Foundation recently broke ground on Phase 2 of the Slate Creek MTB trail in the Uintas. They are making serious progress, thanks to Creative Trails.
The lower loop of 1.2 miles is complete and a great mountain bike trail for kids and families to enjoy - a short uphill and fun downhill through the trees! SSTF asks you to stay out of unfinished construction areas - lots of sharp machinery and tools in random locations! Once Phase 2 is complete, there will be 14.75 miles of new trails. The new trail is still closed so please obey the signage, we promise, it will be worth the wait! Follow SSTF on Instagram.

  Updates from Cache Trails Alliance
Boy Scout Troop 1 cleaned up Bridger Park and hauled off about 5 black bags of trash and pulled out a ton of weeds. There was a landscaping contractor working at the school and they offered to haul the weeds off for them! Keep up with what's happening with Cache Trails Alliance.

  Updates from Moab Trail Mix
Mountain bikers rejoice: Sand Flats Recreation Area, home to the popular trails Eagle Eye and Falcon Flow, is now home to a new trail, “Hawk’s Glide.” Rated intermediate, this trail will add another segment to the Raptor Route by connecting the two existing trails. Read more about the trail here.

  Updates from Back Country Horsemen of Utah
BCHU has begun to mobilize and apply for funding for big-ticket items like:
  • The repair or replacement of trail bridges
  • NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency) planning & permitting
  • Trail clearing, brushing, tread repair, trail relocation
  • The installation of trail signs
Catch up on historical BCHA newsletters here
Learn more about our trails!
Looking for employment in the trail-related world? Look no further...

Trails Lead Worker
Snyderville Basic Special Recreation District (Park City)
This position is responsible for performing a variety of daily tasks associated with the care, maintenance, repair, and construction of trails and trailheads under the District’s jurisdiction. Find out more and apply here.

There are many more trail jobs currently open throughout Utah. Check out the full list here.

We can't make trails happen without funding - your financial support is crucial to the work we do year-round to plan for, fund and build trails. The trails we build offer all of us better access to recreation, healthy living and opportunities to get into the outdoors!

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