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Trails Utah is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to trails planning, funding, sustainable design and construction, and advocacy in needed areas throughout Utah. We seek to connect, steward and celebrate our communities and Utah's natural spaces.

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Trail Updates

What's new with our trails, and with Trails Utah?


New Trail Projects

Rim to River Trail
This is a new trail in Washington County that will travel from the canyon rim down to Confluence Park, a 344 acre natural park within the boundaries of Hurricane and LaVerkin, along the Virgin River. This project is already fully funded through an RTP (Recreational Trails Program) grant. We will be doing environmental clearances over the next several months and hope to start work in Spring 2023. Find out more about Confluence Park.

Silver Lake Trail
US Forest Service has requested our assistance in renovating the loop trail around Silver Lake in Brighton. While they will be replacing the old and tattered boardwalk, Trails Utah will be focused on the sections of natural surface trail that have suffered severe erosion due to foot traffic, water runoff and weather patterns. This project is also already fully funded, big thanks to the Salt Lake County Track Fund. Find out more about Silver Lake.

Trails In Progress

Spring Hollow Trail System - Pine Valley Ranger District
Trail builders are hard at work, focused on building this trail as long as weather allows for the remainder of this year. We are hoping to wrap up Phase I by May 2023. Approximately 15 miles of trail have been cut and we are putting finishing touches on the NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) course. Both Phase I and II of this multi-year project have been made possible with grants from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, the Trails Alliance of Southern Utah, and Washington County. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with these partners and the Pine Valley Ranger District of the Dixie National Forest to make this project happen.

In total, when complete, this system will include two trail networks and four trailheads. Phases 1-3 will include the main trailhead, dispersed camping area, and a NICA pit zone and parking area. Design work was done by Trails Utah board member and Trail Alliance of Southern Utah (TASU) President, Kevin Christopherson. Supporters include Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, Washington County and Trail Alliance of Southern Utah. This new trail system will have adaptive accessibility incorporated into the building process. Surface Trails is doing the construction. The trail is not open and will likely not be completed and open until at least mid-2023. We kindly ask that you please not go to the site until the trail is open! Find out more and donate here. 

Nung 'wu Poa Trail - Phase II
Trails Utah is helping build a new approximately 2.5-mile multi-use trail in partnership with Town of Springdale, the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah and Trail Alliance of Southern Utah. We have hired a trail building contractor and Town of Springdale continues to work with the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah on final alignment, interpretive signs, signage, etc. The project has been bumped up on Town of Springdale's priority list. They are currently working on flagging the route and we are awaiting approval from Town of Springdale to start construction this fall or early next spring. This is a team effort and we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting trail project! Supporter of the project include Utah Division of Outdoor Recreation, Town of Springdale, and YOU! Find out more about this trail.

Grandeur Peak Section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST)
After over two decades of planning,Trails Utah is going to complete this Bonneville Shoreline Trail section from Parleys to Millcreek Canyon. After a short delay in construction as a result of one of our contractors suffering an injury, the team is back on the trail, creating the path from Grandeur Peak Trailhead to the end of the Pipeline Trail at the mouth of Millcreek Canyon. We expect to wrap up construction of this new trail in Spring 2023! Supporters and partners in this project include US Forest Service, Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, Salt Lake County Open Space, Athletic Brewing, Utah Open Lands, and City of Millcreek. However, due to a couple of unforeseen expenses, we are now reaching out to community partners and supporters like you to raise the remaining funds necessary to complete the project. If trails are important to you, please help by becoming a member or making a donation to Trails Utah. Thank you! See a map and more info.

Trails AxS (Access) Project:  Millcreek Canyon
Trails Utah is working with Wasatch Adaptive Sports, National Ability Center, board member and adaptive rider Wally Lee, and the US Forest Service (USFS) on a project modifying existing trails to increase accessibility for hand-cyclists and adaptive runners. Trails Utah and our partners have completed a detailed walk/ride-through of our designated trails to record imagery and needed modifications. We are currently working on next steps with USFS. New trail-building methods often make trails wide enough for hand-cycles; however, the vast majority of trails in the Wasatch were built before these new methods were instituted. We are truly excited about this collaboration and look forward to making our trails available to a wider segment of the community. We're getting started in Millcreek Canyon in early 2023. Financial support so far comes from Sorenson Legacy Foundation. We are currently seeking additional financial support to carry out these modifications. Find out more about this project.

Herriman Hills Trail System
In 2020 / 21, Trails Utah, Herriman City and Herriman Hills Trails Alliance completed several trails in the Herriman Hills, including the Hardlick Downhill Trail, the Rawhide Trail and the MoJo Trail, consisting of approximately 3.5 total trail miles. In 2023 we are planning to expand upon this system and build two new trail sections - a new 1-mile section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and a new 1-mile hiking-only loop. Trails Utah is currently in the fundraising stage. Find out more and make a donation to support this project!

Butterfield Canyon Trail System
Salt Lake County started work on Phase 1 of the Butterfield Canyon Trail System mid-summer. Phase 1 includes 12 to 15 miles of new trail construction and a NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Assn) race course and staging area. The county hired a large general contractor but also hired a highly-qualified Trails Quality Control Consultant who is tasked with overseeing the final planning, flagging and construction of Phase 1. He will also be coordinating the many players involved in this project, including Salt Lake County Parks and Rec, S & L Contractors, and the many interested groups that are watching this project unfold. This includes Trails Utah.

Foothills Trail System
All trail construction for this project has been delayed until 2023. Salt Lake City is undertaking an environmental evaluation (cultural, land, plant and wildlife, scenic impacts) led by a local firm, SWCA.  They have now hired a Trail Design specialist (see JOBS section) to do a deeper evaluation of existing trails, recently constructed trails, and the trails plan itself. They will also add an addendum to the trails plan to include a trail maintenance plan and alignment and timing recommendations. Job posting will go up in April and they anticipate this work to be completed in the spring of 2023. They are working to develop plans for and implement at least five trailheads along the foothills. The selected firm's consultation will run through summer 2023, with the possibility of Phase II being implemented as early as fall 2023 or 2024. If you are interested in the progress of the Foothill Trails Plan implementation and want to voice support for trail construction, please reach out to Salt Lake City Trails Alliance.

We love engaging with our communities - meeting new people, listening to their ideas, and sharing what Trails Utah is all about. One way we do this is by participating in events. And conferences are wonderful opportunities to do the same with our cohorts in the trails community - federal, state and local entities and non-profits with similar goals. They are also great learning and networking opportunities.

This year, we participated in several events and conferences:
- Brighton Days
- 3 Cirque Series (trail foot races) events
- 3 NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) races
- Utah Trails Forum (we presented as well)
- Utah Outdoor Summit
We would love to hear what trails YOU would like to see in Utah. Please send your ideas and/or any feedback to
Learn more about our trails!

Policy, Advocacy, Stewardship & Sustainability

Trails provide us with many benefits - health, community, connection with the natural world, economic strength, and so much more. A lot goes into the realization, maintenance and advocacy of sustainable trails: policies and planning, stakeholder buy-in, fundraising, awareness and education, and stewardship of our trails. Trails Utah is dedicated to this entire process. A team effort is ever more necessary as populations grow and trail use increases. We hope you will support Trails Utah and our trail partners in these efforts!

Parks, Trails & Open Space Bond
Parks, trails, urban forest and natural areas contribute significantly to our quality of life and environment. November 8, Salt Lake City voters can vote on an $85 million bond for Parks, Trails, and Open Space projects, specifically to expand efforts to build new parks and trails while improving existing properties throughout the city. Find out more and Please vote YES on this bond to help support trails in Salt Lake City!

Diverse Trail-Related Groups & Organizations
There are many marginalized communities here in Utah, but there are opportunities to get out on trails with a variety of different groups, depending on who you connect best, and feel most safe, with. Here are just a few:
Grants for Adaptive Equipment
Whether an ORHC (offroad hand cycle) or prostheses, adaptive equipment is expensive and often not covered by health insurance. Here are a few great resources for grants to help you cover these expenses:
- Challenged Athletes -
- High Fives Foundation -

Free & Low-Cost Refurbished Bikes!
If buying a bike is beyond of your budgetary limits, check out the Bicycle Collective, with locations in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo and St George. The mission of the Bicycle Collective is to promote cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation and recreation, and a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. We provide refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community focusing on children and lower income households.

Trail Master Planning Continues for the Central Wasatch
Trails Utah has been actively participating in trail master planning efforts with US Forest Service, Salt Lake City Watershed, and Salt Lake County. We are working to ensure that these plans dovetail and reference concurrent planning efforts. The Central Wasatch Commission Trails Committee continues to monitor progress in these endeavors.


Volunteer with SLC Public Lands Department
Salt Lake City’s Community Stewardship Program connects individuals and communities to volunteer opportunities at local natural areas in order to inspire investment and care of these shared spaces. Through the program, volunteer community stewards work collaboratively with Trails and Natural Lands staff and partners to protect, maintain, and restore the natural integrity of our city’s wilder, more biodiverse properties. Sign up here.

Next Level Hiking Tip
Have your dog carry out they poop AND yours!
Packing out human waste is important. Our public lands see over 3 million visitors a year. Poop doesn’t decompose as fast in our desert and can be around for over a year after it’s placement. Poop can also be displaced by storms into our water systems or eaten by wild animals.

Trail Etiquette
Check out this great video about trail etiquette from Sisters Trails Alliance in Oregon! Though the content isn't directly related to the sustainability of physical trails, it is important to the sustainability of the relationships between all of our trails users - hikers, runners, bikers and horseback riders. There are always nuances in these basic tenants, but these are at the core. Enjoy, and please share!


Trails Rx

The physical health benefits of getting out for a walk, hike, or a bike ride, even if it is for only 30 minutes a day, is well-documented and astonishing. It includes much more than better cardiovascular and muscle fitness. Increased metabolism for weight loss, improved digestion, and better sleep quality are some of the other benefits that provide significant positive impacts for long-term health. In our Trails Rx section, we will explore a myriad of ways trails improve health. Let's explore!
Hiking 101: Health Benefits of Hiking
Hiking is more than just fun. It’s good for you, too! Countless studies and research have consistently shown that regular exercise not only improves our overall health and fitness, but lengthens and improves the quality of our lives. Check out this list of ways hiking improves heath.

We need your help to make trails happen!
Give a little or a lot and we will put your dollars to work building state-of-the-art trails in your community and around Utah. You'll get some great swag, too! 

New member perks for 2022 !
    Brand new t-shirt celebrating one of our trails

     Newly designed Trails Utah stickers (in 3 colors!)
     Discount on the onX Backcountry mapping app

  Level 9 Sports - Maintenance Mondays
Monday, November 28
Level 9 Sports, Downtown SLC

Join Level 9 Sports (founded here in Utah) the last Monday of each month this summer at their Downtown SLC Location to learn about bike maintenance! At each event their bike technicians will teach a different bike maintenance skill. The events are free and those with all levels of maintenance experience are welcome. Food and soft drinks will be provided, and participants are invited to leave their bike for a semi-annual tune-up at 25% off. More info.

November Trail Races in Utah
This is the last month of the season for trail races!
- Trail Running
- Mountain Biking

Pinebrook Bikes & Brews - Community Ride
Every Thursday @ 5:30pm
Start @ Inspired Summit Adventures, Park City

There is a new community ride every Thursday evening in Pinebrook! Ride the Basin Rec trails leaving from Inspired Summit Adventures shop (next to Shucks). All abilities welcome on the social ride. Ending at Shucks for music and brews! Email for more info.

Adaptive Mountain Biking w/TRAILS (University of Utah)
Morning sessions: 9-11am
Afternoon sessions: 12-2pm
@ Round Valley

TRAILS (Technology Recreation Access Independence Lifestyle Sports) at University of Utah is offering ORHC outings at beautiful Round Valley - don't miss them!
Contact for more details.


Other Trail News

News from our trail partners

  Big Dipper, Skyridge
Mountain Trails Foundation (Park City) is excited to announce the opening of another new ride, the Big Dipper at Skyridge. Mountain Trails collaborated with Singletrack Trails on the construction of this new trail - a 2.5 mile-long, directional downhill and bike-only trail that descends over 700 feet from the top of Skyridge Peak, down to the start of the Milky Way trail. With its unique volcanic rock formations, exposure and unrestricted views, this trail is unlike anything else you’ll ride in Park City. The MTF crew is putting the finishing touches on the final leg of the Big Easy as well as the Lynx trail at PC Heights. Both will be open by months end. Check out Mountain Trails Foundation's Facebook page.

A Message from Trails Foundation of Northern Utah (TFNU)
TFNU has seen an increase in calls regarding motorized bikes and motorcycles on the trails and want to let you know that they hear you. They have been in contact with both the city and the county to see how best to approach this topic. As of today, the only guidelines for the area are listed on the TFNU website. Motorcycles are NOT allowed on any city side public trails. However, they ARE allowed on the Skyline Trail, which is on US Forest Service land. Please remember that it's about the trails and we want everyone to have a good, enjoyable experience while out using them. TFNU will update their website as They come across any additional information.

  New Utah County Trails Map
Utah Valley Trails Alliance has created a new webmap with what might be the most comprehensive database of *official* trails in Utah County. This interactive map includes trails in the mountainous back country, paved pathways in the valley, and the emerging trail system in the foothills surrounding Utah County's cities. - Check it out!

Maple Grove Trail, Wasatch Mountain State Park
Wasatch Trails Foundation recently did some work on this trail, to clear up downed trees and more. There is still some surface clean up and small roots to be dealt with, but they've stashed a Trail Pod up there, if you’re cruising by and want to lend a hand - it’s always appreciated! Follow Wasatch Trails Foundation on Facebook.

Hildale bike team offers opportunities some kids had previously never experienced
The Creek Valley Condors mountain bike team is from the neighboring border communities of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona. Just a few years ago, that community was under the strict rule of Fundamentalist LDS Church leader Warren Jeffs. Richard Bennett started the mountain bike team after seeing its positive effects on his kids. He figured it would give youth in the community something to do and build their confidence. Read the full article.
Slate Creek MTB Trail in Uintas
South Summit Trails Foundation recently broke ground on Phase 2 of the Slate Creek MTB trail in the Uintas. They are making serious progress, thanks to Creative Trails.
The lower loop of 1.2 miles is complete and a great mountain bike trail for kids and families to enjoy - a short uphill and fun downhill through the trees! SSTF asks you to stay out of unfinished construction areas - lots of sharp machinery and tools in random locations! Once Phase 2 is complete, there will be 14.75 miles of new trails. The new trail is still closed so please obey the signage, we promise, it will be worth the wait! Follow SSTF on Instagram.
Looking for employment in the trail-related world? Look no further...

Watershed Ranger (Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities)

Primarily a field-based position with a wide ranger of duties in the Central Wasatch Canyons. Interested candidates may apply here.   

There are many other trail jobs currently open throughout Utah. Rather than list them all, you can simply check out the full list here.

We can't make trails happen without funding - your financial support is crucial to the work we do year-round to plan for, fund and build trails. The trails we build offer all of us better access to recreation, healthy living and opportunities to get into the outdoors!

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