Summer 2014 Newsletter from NEER North
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Summer 2014 Newsletter

 A Message from Mary
With the long-anticipated arrival of summer, our NEER North horses are making the most of the warmer weather, enjoying the freedom to graze, wander, and kick up their heels. In addition to the daily tasks of mucking and water, there is now a chance to begin tackling a long list of upkeep chores in and around the barn and fields. 
Fixing fences, reorganizing storage, and re-digging drainage trenches are just a few of the behind-the-scenes maintenance jobs our volunteers do to keep NEER North running. We appreciate their willingness to pick up a hammer and pitch in on the un-glamorous projects that help us provide a safe and serviceable environment for the equines in our care. We’re especially glad to see a number of new volunteers and the return of younger NEER volunteers who are helping out during summer break from school. Your energy, enthusiasm, and talents are welcome.
In this newsletter, we highlight dental and hoof care, two of the vital, ongoing health services that are supported by donations to NEER North. Our professional partners help us restore and maintain our horses’ health so they can be ready for adoption, usually charging reduced fees. We are grateful for their help and for everything our dedicated volunteers, partners, and donors do to support our mission of rescue, rehabilitation, and finding forever homes for horses in need. We couldn’t do it without you! 

Mary Martin
Founder and President
NEER North

Professional Care from Day One

When new horses arrive at NEER North, we perform a detailed assessment of their physical and behavioral health and nutritional needs.  New arrivals may be quarantined and observed for as long as thirty days, especially if we have little information about previous health issues and inoculations. In consultation with a veterinarian, any acute problems are treated right away, strategies are developed to address behavioral issues, and dietary programs are instituted to safely achieve healthy body weight.
After immediate health needs are addressed and the horse joins the herd, we provide basic care at appropriate intervals to ensure the animal’s continued well-being. Dental and hoof care are among the ongoing needs we attend to all year long.
Horses need regular dental check-ups to avoid painful issues that can lead to chewing, digestion, and bit adjustment problems. At least once a year, horses need to have a veterinarian file down any ridges or points that develop, a procedure called floating. 
Scribbles get a professional dental check-up and cleaning from our Amesbury Animal Hospital partners while Tom Cat supervises from a safe distance. 
Proper hoof care is also an essential part of equine health maintenance. Cracks, white line disease, laminitis, bruises, and abscesses are among the numerous hoof problems that require farrier or veterinary care. It’s not uncommon for horses arriving at NEER North to have serious hoof conditions caused by lack of regular maintenance or dietary problems.  In some cases, hooves are so overgrown that the animal has difficulty walking. Regular visits from certified farrier Trevor Seaboyer help NEER North horses recover from past problems and avoid developing new ones.
NEER North mascot Mabel the donkey arrived in our care with seriously overgrown hooves.
Mazie receives on-site care from Trevor, with an assist from Mary on a cold, early spring day. 

Our Newest Arrival

We recently welcomed a wonderful, but very skinny, pony named Ginger Spice to NEER North. We learned a little of her history from a group that not too long ago loved and cared for her. She had been used for many years as a service pony for burn victim children. The group recently found her in deplorable condition in New Hampshire and helped get her to us. We will do our best to bring this special girl back to health. Spice has given joy to many children in need over the years and deserves the very best care we can provide.


Telly is enjoying all the attention from his new family.  
Successful placement in a forever home is the best outcome for any NEER North rescue. In recent weeks,  Allie and Calvin have found great new homes and are settling in well. Telly, a Haflinger who was with us for just a short time, is loving and being loved by a family with children.  And breaking news: Sherry has been adopted and Pumpkin's is pending.

Equine Schooling Director Named

Many of you already know volunteer Kim Rauenzahn. We are happy to announce that she has agreed to be NEER North’s official Equine Schooling Director. Kim has a true gift when it comes to helping horses meet their full potential, and it’s great to see her riding and working with our rescues to get them ready for adoption. Among her numerous duties, Kim will be evaluating equines and assigning projects to appropriate people, working towards getting equines out in the public when they are ready, and meeting with potential adopters to help determine if the placement will be a good match. Thank you, Kim, for taking on this vital volunteer role. 

Spring Cleaners

NEER North often serves as a site for local students’ community service work. In early June, we hosted students from the Sparhawk School in Amesbury, who helped with morning chores, barn organization, and blanket washing. Not everyone in this group had experience with barn work, but they all put in a hard day’s work and accomplished a lot.  They also enjoyed a visit with Mabel the donkey and our new pony Ginger Spice.

In Memory

Klagen, a beautiful and spirited Haflinger who arrived recently with his friend Telly (see adoption story above) immediately attracted a lot of interest from potential adoptive families. Unfortunately he suddenly showed signs of colic, and when we brought him to Tufts Veterinary Hospital for treatment, the diagnosis worsened. Klagen had a fecal impaction that had ruptured and peritonitis. The doctor believes the problem may have been developing over a long period of time.  After every effort was made to save him, Klagen was humanely euthanized in early June with NEER North friends Nikki and Melissa at his side. Klagen was only at NEER North for a short time, but this lively and friendly horse had already won our hearts. We will miss you, Klagen.


Coming Events

Celebrate the Year of the Horse in a Meaningful Way

SAVE THE DATE! On November 21, 2014, NEER North will host our 5th annual Silent & Live Auction at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA. Stay tuned for more details, but please put this date on your calendar now and plan to join us at a beautiful new venue for this gala event, our biggest fundraiser of the year! 
Located in Bradley Palmer State Park, the historic Willowdale Estate will be the setting for NEER North's 2014 auction.
Photograph by Ryan Kenner

A Parting Word from Tom Cat

With all the spring cleaning and other chores going on at the barn over the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling a little neglected. Sure, the winter blankets needed washing and the heated water buckets had to be put away, but how does that make my life any better? OK, I’ll admit that Mabel really did need a bath, but after all that soaping and scrubbing, all she did was go out and roll in the dirt.
What an . . . well, you know.  TC
“Know that the same spark of life that is within you, is within all of our animal friends, the desire to live is the same within all of us.” 
—Rai Aren (author)
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