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Stay on top of the leaves falling around your lawn.

We have rakes, leaf bags, leaf blowers, and more!

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Feathered Friend Grey Striped Sunflower Wild Bird Food, 40lb

Provides the energy and protein needed by all birds. For Use In Hopper, Tube, Platform And Window Feeders.

Espoma Organic Holly-tone Plant Food, 50 lbs.

Holly-Tone Plant Food 4-3-4 , is for acid-loving plants, such as hollies, azaleas, camellias, evergreens, hydrangeas, dogwoods, blueberries, strawberries and rhododendrons. It is rich in natural organics and enhanced with Bio-tone® microbes. Used and recommended by Professionals.

Agway Tri-rye Mix Grass Seed, 25lb

Tri-Rye Mixture is an Agway Value mixture suited for a wide range of growing sites in sun or part sun.

Hamptons Estate Organic Mulch, 2 cu. ft.

Hamptons Estate Mulch – 100% Organic for Your Yard and Garden. Dark color and nicely shredded. Handy 2 cu ft. Bag size

Organic Scratch Grains, 30 lbs.

Chickens have a natural desire to scratch around in the yard searching for tasty tidbits. Satisfy this need with an entertaining and nutritious blend of wholesome grains by scattering Manna Pro Organic Scratch Mixed Grains on a regular basis.

Audubon Ladybug Squirrel-Resistant Tube Bird Feeder

Weight activated perches and a locking roof keep the squirrels out of your seed.

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