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Agway Fast Acting Lime Plus Ast 25lb

NEW formula! NOW with AST (Advanced Soil Technology). Raises soil pH. Helps correct acidic soils. Helps green up lawns. Works instantly! Long Lasting! High Coverage! One 25lb bag covers 5,000 sqft.

Espoma Organic Holly-tone Plant Food, 50 lbs.

Holly-Tone Plant Food 4-3-4 , is for acid-loving plants, such as hollies, azaleas, camellias, evergreens, hydrangeas, dogwoods, blueberries, strawberries and rhododendrons. It is rich in natural organics and enhanced with Bio-tone® microbes. Used and recommended by Professionals.

Feathered Friend Black Oil Sunflower Seed, 20 lbs.

A high-energy, high-protein, year-round favorite to attract a variety of birds to your feeder. This seed appeals to bob-whites, cardinals, chickadees, finches and towhees. For use in hopper, tube, platform, and window feeders. Size is 20 lb.

Espoma Organic Seed Starter Potting Mix, 8 quarts

Espoma Organic Seed Starter Potting Mix improves moisture retention and promotes root growth. Ideal for all seedlings and cuttings. A rich, premium blend of sphagnum peat moss, peat humus and perlite that has been enriched with Myco-tone®.

Adjustable Collapsing Steel Rake, 7" to 25"

This rake uses minimal storage space, and will lock in any position. Expands from 7 to 25 inches wide.

Black Gold® Garden Organic Compost Blend, 1 cu. ft.

Using Black Gold® Garden Compost Blend in your garden soil encourages earthworms and other beneficial organisms to multiply and improve soil structure, break down organic matter for plants and increase soil fertility. Healthy soil will help your garden grow plants that are strong, healthy,...

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Spring is chick season. Whether you are just starting a flock, increasing the numbers of chickens you keep or bringing new breeds home to try. Your brooder is...

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