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The Board Bulletin December 2016

A Letter from USBA's President,
Nancy Kennedy

I’m sitting at my computer as the snow is blowing and swirling outside my windows. The weatherman is forecasting 3 more days of this and the roads are a mess, so I’m staying home. I have a fire going, my house is warm and snug, and having just come through the Thanksgiving holiday, my thoughts keep going to USBA and the people I am thankful for. I am grateful for people who care about graduation rates and dropout rates, and about the kids behind those numbers and what that means in their lives. I’m grateful for people who know what the abbreviations stand for such as WPU, AYP, ELL, SLO, JLC, and a myriad other letters, and believe that we can change lives through the correct application of these letters and programs.

I’m grateful for teachers and administrators, who could make far better money in the private sector, but who stick with our kids and our districts, because this is where they can truly make a difference. I’m grateful for parents who attend parent teacher conferences, serve on the School Community Councils, work in the PTA, read with kids at home and in groups, contributing that valuable resource of time to help fill the gaps that funding hasn’t been able to reach. I’m grateful for the ones that call and complain, because that gives me insights to how our policies are effecting the people of my area.

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School Board Election Results 2016

I am frequently asked how many new Board members were elected this year. I will answer that question in a moment. The most important part of my article this month is to say thank you to all the Board Members who will conclude their service at the end of this year...

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NSBA News - JoDee Sundberg

I am writing this article on the plane to Biloxi, Mississippi via Atlanta to attend my NSBA board meeting. I look forward to meeting with my fellow board members and to have the discussions that are permeating our country at this time concerning education in America. There are many unanswered questions as we transition to a new Presidential team and with the appointment of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education of what will be the outcomes from this appointment.
I believe that NSBA’s Stand Up 4 Public Schools and NSBAC’s Friends of Public Education campaigns are positive and timely. I’m hopeful that NSBA and NSBAC can coordinate our campaigns, messaging, calls to action, and other strategies, and maximize and leverage our support of public education.

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Recent Legislation

USBA is committed to keeping public education at the forefront of Utah's Legislature.

Click here to read an article from Terry Shoemaker regarding the teacher shortage.

“Education is a gift that none can take away."

- American Proverb

Safety Spotlight - Loss Control's Annual Winter Walking Reminder

When road conditions become slick and icy, we have to alter our driving behaviors in order to avoid an accident. We take precautions such as making sure that our tires have plenty of tread, we reduce our speed, we follow at a safe distance, etc… If we drive in bad weather the very same way we drive in ideal weather, eventually, there is going to be an accident. Winter walking is no different. When conditions outside change, we must alter our walking habits, or eventually, an accident is going to happen.

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