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The Board Bulletin November 2013

A Letter from USBA's President, Peggy Jo Kennett

School Boards Matter
As a member of your local school board, you have the ability to mold public perception and help people think positively about public education. Share the challenges of public schools today. We no longer teach just reading, writing, and math. Today's public schools grapple with a multitude of issues. Among those issues are: immigrants, CTE, health and PE, bussing, art, special education, foreign languages, concurrent enrollment, character education, computers, pre-school, IDEA, and bullying. And we do all of this with no more time in the school day than we had 75 years ago! Let your community members know what's in it for them when they have a strong public education system--lower crime rates; higher property values; and a better quality of life because we are educating the doctors, lawyers, engineers, and computer gurus of tomorrow.

NSBA News - JoDee Sundberg

This year we have spent considerable time in meetings and teleconferences, reaching out to our state associations and discussing the question “what does the New NSBA look like?” How can we become even stronger in our advocacy of Public Education on the National, State and Local level? Every committee meeting has been about the restructuring of the New NSBA. State Association leaders will see a difference in their Delegate Assembly work and new strategies on policies, bylaws and governance with this new direction.
One of the greatest changes is the FRN (Federal Relations Network). In the past FRN was mostly viewed by board members as the yearly meeting in Washington in February. Most states especially in the west could not participate on an extended level but only with their association officers because of cost. It was also felt this was not the best way to reach their national legislators because most members of congress were in their home states when FRN was in session. The New NSBA has determined that we can expand the scope of what FRN really means and use our advocates on a year round basis promoting good legislation and public school validity.

NSBA is asking state associations to appoint local school board members in their state to the Federal Relations Network by naming at least one school board member in each school district to serve. While Congressional advocacy will remain at the core, FRN activities will enable board members to be better public advocates as well. Click here to read the full article.

Recent Legislation

USBA is committed to keeping public education at the forefront of Utah's Legislature.

Click here to read an important article from Dr. Patti Harrington regarding how to establish a relationship with legislators.

MBA Corner - JoDee Sundberg

Congratulations to the many board members who are well on your way to achieving a new level of expertise in school board governance! It has been so exciting to travel around to so many boards of education and work with you on successfully achieving school board excellence. Click here to read the full article.

"Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation."

-John F. Kennedy-

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News Corner

Some Good News About Public Schools. View this Education Week Article here.

Utah eighth-graders top all but five countries in science. View the Salt Lake Tribune article here.

Loss Control Safety Spotlight

In recent years, the number and expense of claims, involving employees who work with “special needs” individuals, has risen dramatically. Bites, hair pulls, and scratches are now being over-shadowed by punches, kicks, and head butts. Keeping employees trained and prepared to meet the challenges they deal with daily is of utmost importance to them, as well as to the children they work with. (Shown above: Brenda McGeary (Alpine School District) praises a student.)

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